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Indulge in Thai Massage Therapy without going to a Spa in Thailand

17 Nov

Happy Monday everyone!  I’ve been a bit under the weather this weekend and didn’t want to keep you waiting.  So Kelly Kilpatrick kindly contributed this post on Thai massage – yes it is available outside of Thailand.  Enjoy!   Candace 

Thai massage is a fairly recent newcomer to the American massage therapy market.  It is an ancient massage modality that was imported into Thailand from India and has its roots in both Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional medicines.  The modality was reputedly developed by the actual physician of Buddha himself over 2,500 years ago.  

Since those times, Thai massage has undergone several changes, and is now practiced throughout Thailand with distinct variations in regions throughout the country.  Although the Thai government is looking to unify and regulate this ancient massage modality, provincial attitudes remain as to which is the correct expression of the core values and beliefs behind the practice.

There are many things that make Thai massage unique when compared to traditional Western massage modalities.  Participation in Thai massage could be viewed as far more interactive than its counterparts.  Massage patients are fully clothed throughout the entirety of the session, which takes place on a mat on the floor.  Clients are then moved into a variety of yoga-like positions by the therapist and he or she uses their body, including forearms, feet, knees, and hands to apply pressure to various points in the musculature of the client.

owc-massagewaterfallUsing acupressure points in conjunction with deep tissue massage while moving the client into a variety of positions grants many benefits to the client.  Many people feel more centered physically, emotionally, and spiritually after the process.  Increased flexibility and range of motion is experienced by the participant; other benefits such as improved circulation, a decrease in pain, and overall relaxation are also experienced.

For clients, especially those not familiar with massage therapy, Thai massage can evoke mixed emotions.  Some love the interactive nature, positioning and stretching involved in the process and the truly hands-on approach.  Others may simply wish to lie down and relax while their body is worked by a professional.  Obviously if the latter is the case, Thai massage is not what they are looking for.

People who participate in Thai massage come from all walks of life and many go on to learn more about the art of yoga and begin to practice yoga themselves, which only serves to enhance their quality of life.  Thai massage is a great marriage of the healing art of yoga and massage.  If you think Thai massage is something you’d like to try, ask your local spa if they provide this service.

Special thanks to Kelly Kilpatrick our guest writer today.

This post was contributed by Kelly Kilpatrick, who writes on the subject of massage therapists. She invites your feedback at kellykilpatrick24@gmail.com.