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Aqua Shiatsu DIY a la Evian Spa

7 Feb

Shiatsu is often compared to acupuncture without the needles. A rigorous form of acupressure in which pressure from the fingertips stimulates your body’s meridians (energy points) Evian offers it’s own brand of shiatsu while you are submersed in a pool of water.

Here are a few products and ideas to turn your next bath into a virtual Aqua Shiatsu session:

Do it Yourself

Feeling ambitious? Buy the book: Do It Yourself Shiatsu considered the bible of self practice. Master the techniques while you’re watching TV or relaxing then try it in the bath!

Aquasense Massage Mat from WalMart

Aquasense Massage Mat

Super simple to use and a bargain less than $18, the Aquasense Mat has massage zones with unique textures for each zone. Pop it into the tub, lay down and rev up your circulation.

Conair Thermal Massage Mat

A little slice of shiatsu for your soak

The Conair Thermal Massage Mat fully padded mat offers stimulating allover bubbles. The neck rests on an adjustable massaging pad, and moving down the mat, a dual back massager calms tight muscles and relaxes the spine.


For Aqua Shiatsu ambiance pop this Shiatsu music compilation into your (watersafe) CD player.

Live, love and lounge, Candy


Beauty Unplugged

5 Oct

Last week in honor of our Spa Electronica high tech spa chat we shared all kinds of cool gizmos to get your skin glowing in our Electric Beauty article. This week we recommend what you can do without to help save the planet while you primp.

Gorgeous Foot Soaker! from Moroccan Home

Don’t: Electric Foot Baths

Why: Save money on electricity, they are loud (and how relaxing is that?) and really don’t mimic a foot massage – just vibrate you numb.

Instead: Use a metal or glass bowl large enough for your feet. Float flower petals on top of hot water and add salts or aromatherapy oils. Chill. Check out this beautiful bowl from Moroccan Home

Don’t: Leave the Water Running

Why: When you wash your face, your hair or brush your teeth leaving the water on wastes a huge amount of a precious resource.

Instead: Turn the faucet off while you lather up or massage your skin.

Don’t: Waste Beauty Products

Why: In addition to cluttering your vanity & wasting your money, ineffective products mean you’ll only end up throwing them away.

Instead: Sample products at home first with travel sizes or obtaining samples from the store. You can also use companies like Birchbox to buy small sizes. Read reviews of sites like Makeup Alley too. OR

Recycle: Your friends may like items you don’t or give to your daughter or niece for dress up fun.

Don’t: Automate when you can Invigorate

Why: Blindly buying every automatic beauty gadget ends up causing closet overload. Ask yourself Why? before you buy. I nearly recently bought an automatic

Do you really need a lotion roller?

lotion roller. Aside from being plastic, I thought am I really so lazy I can’t rub lotion on myself?

Instead: Do things by hand! It feels good and exerts energy – almost a mini workout!

I hope this has inspired you to make your beauty routine a bit more green!  Share and learn more great ideas at our Eco Spa Tweetchat on Twitter Wednesday, October 6 at 11 AM PST.

Live, Love & Lounge, Candy

Get the #SpaWeekGossip: Mom”Me” Spa Time: Urban Legend or Must Do? Recap

17 Sep

It’s unanimous! Spa time for Moms is NOT an Urban Legend it’s a must do and reality for our Hot Spa Moms!  And for SpaWeek Daily’s Hot Spa Mom Squad (and you) you still have until Sunday on the West Coast & Chicago to get some $50 treatments in!

Just listen to some of the Spa Mom talk overheard:

Pregnancy Pampering:

@BeehiveBlog A1 I have a good friend that is a LMT and she helped me work out what was safe – primarily stuck to massage & aromatherapy

@SpaLook It’s important to get monthy massages to help ease mental and muscle tension!

@M641 I had prenatal massage recommended and was told to stay away from steam rooms/saunas of course.

@rockandrollmama My midwives let me teach Pilates and Yoga till my 38th week.:) Worked out fine, long as I could get up!

@SpaWeek Breastfeeding Moms: Avoid facials w a pH of under 5.5 (peels, acids) or above 10.5 (high alkaline soaps) – thx @lydia_sarfati

@SpaHeiress want to hydrate and nourish the skin barrier, prevent stretch marks and promote elsticity. Do: Rich nourishing creams

How to Get Spa Time

@rockinmama I work it out with my husband and tell him that I NEED to do this for myself…to take care of myself

@CarissaRogers I request gift certificates from hubby and inlaws for holidays, that way after crazy holidays I get a REAL break!

@AvonLady02 You have to make time for yourself so you can be a good mom

@BodhiBear I can schedule time if I want, but it wud be making it a priority. Hubby gave me a pedicure the other day 🙂

@Convo_info It’s easier 4 moms 2 get away 4 breaks if they plan their days, adding this time to their regular routines.

Dream Mom Spa TIme

@FashionOffice Heavenly Seaweed Wrap at @WHotelFtLauderdale. Did NOT want to leave. Big splurge but my sanity is worth it.

@Beehiveblog Ayurveda Consult! Massage and herbal wraps, lunch, and a waterfall! – My BEST exp was at the Doral in Miami *HEAVEN*

@rockandrollmama It would teach the perfect relaxing massage & aromatherapy for kids at bedtime

@bemommylicious I love a relaxation massage especially with emphasis on my neck and shoulders. Mama’s tense.

Home Mom/Baby Mellowers

@artofthespa #SpaHome Bliss out babe in pt 1 of Nursery Nirvana & make mom comfy in pt 2 http://ow.ly/2ENoD

@SpaHeiress Once the kids are asleep soak in a seaweed bath to recreate relaxing and healing effects of thalassotherapy at home 🙂

@spalook “Pampering potluck” invite friends over,have them bring a few spa products each.You can mix, match & enjoy!

@xtremelashes pay 4 the services u hate 2 do (mowing, pool cleaning). The time u save is worth it to enjoy life more.

@magnifiquebras Gotta have music! Something to dance too and make you feel great

BONUS: Use SGOSSIP code at http://www.spalook.com for 20% storewide. Now until Fri. midnight. (Some exclusions apply)

Give your Wednesday lunch the spa tweetment! Join us every week 2 PM ET and 11 AM PT

Michelle (SpaWeek) and Candy (ArtoftheSpa)

Yolanda Aguilar Beauty Institute & Spa LA

16 Sep

Spa Week sent me on a mission to Yolanda Aguilar Beauty Institute & Spa in Los Angeles for our weekly #SpaWeekGossip parties and I gladly accepted.

YA Beauty Institute and Spa is in the financial district and I can’t think of a better spot for a gem of a spa. YA specializes in skin rejuvenation – sort of a medical spa with a luxury feel. While relaxing and pampering are part of the experience, clients expect to leave with their skin visibly improved. Acne, lines, inflammation and discolorations watch out!

Perfect for me, who since moving to LA, has noticed more freckles and a drier visage. Yolanda, who has been in the beauty business for 45 years, pays extra special attention to her clients so each treatment is customized. After changing into a robe & slippers, I sipped a cup of green tea and relaxed in YA’s earthy green and fountain filled waiting area.

*Superspagoer secret: You know how they say to look at stylist’s hair at a salon? Check out the skin on the staff at a spa. Every person at YA had lineless, gorgeous skin.

Yolanda retrieved me and welcomed into her office for a consultation which all new guests receive. As I suspected, my skin was dry on the cheeks but oily in the t-zone with some acne (Ick – how embarrassing!) and freckles. Rx?   Her Hydra Facial.

The Hydra Facial uses a high tech machine with several attachments that allow the aesthetician to exfoliate, peel, oxygenate and inject vitamins deep into the skin.

Claudia, my aesthetician, cleansed and exfoliated me. (SpaHome note: she recommends if you wear make up washing twice – once with a milky cleanser, then with a sudsy one). Bumps (read zits) were extracted (the unfun part of a facial), but the foot massage I got during the extractions numbed any discomfort.

Next a gauze mask was applied over a disinfecting gel and a light passed over. Tingled! Then the diamond peel. I was a bit nervous it may hurt, but it felt like sandpaper on my face. Next suctioning cups dispersed a vitamin gel into my pores, then sucked up excess – I felt like I was making my face do sit ups! The finale, a blue light to calm residual redness.

To finish, sunscreen was applied. Wow, babies would be jealous! My face felt tighter, tingled and was a bit pink. But it looked like velvet.

Watch segments of the treatment: Here

BONUS: Yolanda Aguilar is celebrating Spa Week & you can treat your summer ravaged skin for only $50! Less than half of the regular price. Call now Spa Week ends Sunday.

PS: A week after my Hydra Facial, my skin is smoother, brighter and softer. As one of my friends put it last night, you always look good but now you’re glowing from the inside out! Wow! What a huge compliment. Thank you Yolanda, Claudia and the entire staff.

Yolanda developed her own treatment line which I have to try. Will report on that in a month.

Live, love and lounge, Candy

Spa Etiquette: The Naked Truth Recap #SpaWeekGossip 9/8

9 Sep

This week we answered the perennial spa etiquette conundrums With guest experts @SpaHeiress @BrianSmithRocks @MarktheSpaMan @HankyPankyJD

Spa Week Daily premiered the smash hit music video: “I Get Naked at the Spa”

@SpaWeek and @ArtoftheSpa livestreamed spa treatments while exhibiting perfecto spa protocol for the benefit of Spa Manners everywhere.

Check out their treatments at these Spa Week Spas:
@SpaWeek’s Michelle at Spa Merge in NYC See the video
@ArtoftheSpa’s Candy at Yolanda Aguilar Beauty Institute in LA See the video

Meanwhile our gossipers became the Emily Posts of Spa – with advice and tricks to mind our P’s and Q’s for the ultimate spa experience. In case you had to miss it eavesdrop on some of the top tips:

@SpaBeauty: I think spa manners include consideration for the relaxation that others are attempting to receive. So keep voices down! 🙂

@SpaHeiress @dopeymouse05 ditto!

@deniselao @DSinAZ @skin2skincare @thespabuzz @LaDolceVitaInfo all love to Grin and Bare It

@MarktheSpaMan suggested robe wraps for more modest spagoers

@SpaHeiress Avoid a spa treatment? Never! I’ll go upside down and naked if that’s what it takes for great skin and body care!

@SpaBeauty: I’m always nervous about that.. RT @SpaWeek: From Dee my massage therapist: THEY DO NOT CARE IF YOUR LEGS AREN’T SHAVED!

@briansmithrocks: I Skinny dip in a whirlpool, bare all in the steam room, and never mind if I’m the only on in my birthday suit

@dopeymouse05: @SpaLook That’s really true. I’m trying to actually just say “Who cares?” and be comfortable with myself anyway.

@JessicaKelly210: All this talk is making me want to spa… I’m booking a Honey Body Polish right now to get rid of my dead skin from summer!

Now for the BIG Reveal – who won the Hanky Panky panties – for Apres Spa only! @kelliechio @mandyOregon @JessicaKelly210 Please email Michelle (at) Spaweekmedia (dot) com with your address for your prize!

See you next week (OMG It will be Spa Week then for West Coast and Chicago – Book now!),

Michelle @SpaWeek and Candy @ArtoftheSpa

#SpaWeekGossip Launches with a Massage!

13 Aug

We all definitely “knead it”! By the end of this week’s #SpaWeekGossip everyone was lemming a rubdown.

And oh the massages we dished about – from four-handed to chocolate to mint. Expert @ISpaDoYou taught everyone a new word Ashiatsu – where the therapist stands on you & massages with their feet. Hot stone, Thai Yoga & Watsu were also crowd faves.

A lucky gal & her hubby took massage classes together AND one tweeter has a supersweet husband who massages her with brown sugar scrub – WoW! Where can we find a man like him!

As for massage mayhem, Chatty Cathy therapists are the bane of our bliss. One guest’s dad had a crazy therapist talk about bow hunting and shooting electric company employees! Icky fragrances and skipped scalps were also sore spots.

For DIY types, Spa Week shared a hilarious hit massage soundtrack. Ideal for home or spa, clearly. Art of the Spa suggested trying out massage gadgets in store to make sure they are quiet enough for max relaxation & swooned about her Homedics Massage Mat and Sharper Image Shiatsu Massager.

Wanna make that massage high last? Arrive early for a steam or sauna & stay after. Best way to save money? Hands down, try all your favorite massages during Spa Week for just $50 (the best #SpaWeekGossip of all is that it’s coming soon!).

Ahhhhh… gotta run we’re all going on a Spa Crawl!

Next week join us to play Rant or Rave: Spin the Spa Trend! 2PM EST / 11AM PAC We’ll gossip about the latest spa treats & YOU rate them – it’s going to be a blast.

#SpaWeekGossip, produced by Spa Week Daily and Art of the Spa, is every Wednesday at 2 PM EST / 11AM PST on Twitter. Come party with us – it’s better than that crusty old sandwich!

Michelle (Spa Week) & Candy (Art of the Spa)

Photo courtesy of Minnesota Monthly

Massage: Knead It or Knock It? The Lowdown on the Rubdown!

4 Aug

Ahhhhh who could use a massage right about now?  I know I could.  A spa without massage is like a meatloaf without the meat!  So why do so many struggle with the most quintessential of all spa treatments?

Get your rubdown on with massage therapists, connoisseurs, neophytes and spa experts as we inaugurate #SpaWeekGossip with a virtual massage – what else?  We’ll chat about:

Our most delicious & disastrous experiences on the table

Hands on advice for optimizing spa massages

Picking the perfect type & therapist. Swedish? Stone? Thai?

Giving & receiving relationship rehab with a “rub”

Home massage gear that really de-knots (and what does not)


Can’t make it at the allotted time?  Or just can’t get enough?  On Thursday August 12 come to the afterparty!  We’ll post a transcript of  #spaweekgossip for you to check out.

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See you there – Michelle (SpaWeek) and Candy (Art of the Spa)

Indulge in Thai Massage Therapy without going to a Spa in Thailand

17 Nov

Happy Monday everyone!  I’ve been a bit under the weather this weekend and didn’t want to keep you waiting.  So Kelly Kilpatrick kindly contributed this post on Thai massage – yes it is available outside of Thailand.  Enjoy!   Candace 

Thai massage is a fairly recent newcomer to the American massage therapy market.  It is an ancient massage modality that was imported into Thailand from India and has its roots in both Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional medicines.  The modality was reputedly developed by the actual physician of Buddha himself over 2,500 years ago.  

Since those times, Thai massage has undergone several changes, and is now practiced throughout Thailand with distinct variations in regions throughout the country.  Although the Thai government is looking to unify and regulate this ancient massage modality, provincial attitudes remain as to which is the correct expression of the core values and beliefs behind the practice.

There are many things that make Thai massage unique when compared to traditional Western massage modalities.  Participation in Thai massage could be viewed as far more interactive than its counterparts.  Massage patients are fully clothed throughout the entirety of the session, which takes place on a mat on the floor.  Clients are then moved into a variety of yoga-like positions by the therapist and he or she uses their body, including forearms, feet, knees, and hands to apply pressure to various points in the musculature of the client.

owc-massagewaterfallUsing acupressure points in conjunction with deep tissue massage while moving the client into a variety of positions grants many benefits to the client.  Many people feel more centered physically, emotionally, and spiritually after the process.  Increased flexibility and range of motion is experienced by the participant; other benefits such as improved circulation, a decrease in pain, and overall relaxation are also experienced.

For clients, especially those not familiar with massage therapy, Thai massage can evoke mixed emotions.  Some love the interactive nature, positioning and stretching involved in the process and the truly hands-on approach.  Others may simply wish to lie down and relax while their body is worked by a professional.  Obviously if the latter is the case, Thai massage is not what they are looking for.

People who participate in Thai massage come from all walks of life and many go on to learn more about the art of yoga and begin to practice yoga themselves, which only serves to enhance their quality of life.  Thai massage is a great marriage of the healing art of yoga and massage.  If you think Thai massage is something you’d like to try, ask your local spa if they provide this service.

Special thanks to Kelly Kilpatrick our guest writer today.

This post was contributed by Kelly Kilpatrick, who writes on the subject of massage therapists. She invites your feedback at kellykilpatrick24@gmail.com.