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Hair, There, Everywhere #SpaWeekGossip Recap

21 Oct

Things got a bit “un”hairy this week – due to the amazing advice for follicle freedom from special guest expert @CompletelyBare Spa and our chatters. Bikini, legs, pits and face hair – beware!

Wax On, Wax Off. . . waxing is the number one way to smooth our beautiful selves. Advice from seasoned waxers to those a bit scared of the pain? Take Tylenol before waxing & don’t go when Flo’s visiting. @SpaWeek’s advice? Have a sip of vodka! Then reduce redness and inflammation with a cool compress.

The absolute worst way to lose it? Nair! Reeking chemicals are so anti-spa.

Most lemmed for spa stubble stopper? Laser hair removal though many are curious about threading too. Check out these Spa Shaving Alternatives

Need a spa or salon to get your smooth on? Faves:

@SalonThreading in NYC
BellePelle in San Francisco
Spa Bella in Wichita Falls
@WooNashville in Atlanta

Meanwhile war was waged over the top tweezer. @Tweezerman v. Rubis. What’s your preference? Vote!


#SpaHome hair removal heroines?

@CompletelyBare’s Bikini Bump Blaster
The Bliss Philips Hair Removal System
Rubis & Tweezerman tweezers (Over Pluckers Anonymous here we come!)
The Venus Razor especially the “Spa” edition
Veet is a winner here and in the UK

Next week join us for the first #SpaWeekGossip Halloween Masquerade Ball! We’ll be talking beauty treats. Plus, mask your twitter avatar for a chance to win a #spa treat! Share our invite with your friends!

Michelle (@SpaWeek) and Candy (@ArtoftheSpa)


The Top 5 Tools to Remove Hair at Home

20 Oct

Wherever we don’t want hair it seems to be well. . . there! And while I’d love to try electrolysis, lasers or salon waxing, I often don’t have the time or money so I’ve sought out the BEST ways to take it off at home! Enjoy and please share your own favorites in the comments.

1. Bliss Philips Bikini Perfect

This genius tool combines an epilator and a shaver (awesome way to test out epilation). It’s also a space saving multi-tasker that tames your netherregions but includes attachments to shape your brows and facial hair. If you suffer from ingrown hairs try Bliss’ Ingrown Elimination Pads too.

2. Parissa Warm Wax Hair Removal Kit

As simple as two minutes in the microwave, applying to area, and removing with the included strips. (Or more eco friendly, use Gigi Muslin Strips (washable!) Best of all it doesn’t hurt and includes azulene oil for post wax moisturizing.

SpaHome Tip: To calm inflammation or redness rub an ice cube over the area post wax and take a tylenol before waxing. If hair removal is painful try Gigi Numbing Spray before.

3. Rubis Tweezer

Only the sharpest, most precise, lightweight tweezers ever made. Kiss those stray hairs bye bye!

4. Tria Laser Hair Removal System

While of course not as powerful as an in-spa laser, this handy dandy tool has beauty lovers buzzing. You can’t use it on your face but it will leave your body stubble and hair free for years according to users. Including your underarms.

5. Braun Xpressive Wet & Dry Body System

This epilator has been deemed least painful Yay! And it will keep your extremities bare for at least six weeks. My fave way to keep my legs lovely!

Don’t miss our follow up – The Worst Five Tools for Removing Hair at Home.

Live, love and lounge, Candy