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Evian Resort at Hotel Royal – Feature Spa Week 5

4 Feb

Lake Geneva is your constant companion at Evian

Royal Evian Resort

“Water water everywhere” should be the theme for this week’s waterlogged spa – not only is The Evian Resort & Hotel Royal (formerly the Royal Parc Evian) situated on the awe-inspiring South Bank of Lake Geneva at the foothills of the Alps but. . .

Evian Facial Mist

Welcome to the Spa Evian Source

Spa Evian Source sits on the mineral springs that spit forth the magical Evian water. Found in grocers & beauty retailers worldwide, Evian hydrates the world from the inside out. What makes it so special? As the Alps formed a natural filter was created protecting the mineral rich water. Evian even hired a hydrogeologist to explain it see his video here. Drink it, spray it on your face, even bathe in it.

The lobby greets you with grandeur as you check into your vacation.

Subtle blue & white decor in your room seamlessly melds with the view.

Play in the Water

Skiing anyone?

Water in all it’s forms, frozen, frothy, still provides the canvas for all sorts of activities.  Evian is not a place to just lay around.  Have an invigorating ski in the Alps, go river rafting. sailing, even paragliding!  The sky is literally the limit.

Sailing on Lake Geneva so serene

Spa Time

At Spa Evian Source the philosophy is water is the original source of all energy,  And Evian specializes in pre-set personal well-being and youth regaining courses.

The spa even creates a different herbal water for each day of their programs.  The herbs vary depending on an individual’s health & beauty goals.  For instance, check out their Source of Re-energy course:

Day 1 Elder or Rosemary essential water
Facial purity treatment – 1h00
Purity bath with essential oils – 20 min
Ancestral Indian skin scrub – 1h15
Purifying massage with oils – 50 min

Day 2 Lavander essential water
Chi Cong – 1h00
Energising massage :
Tui Na or Shiatsu or Nuad Bo Lan – 1h15
Instantaneous plenitude treatment – 1h15

Day 3 Sage essential water
Stimulating hydro-massage bath – 20 min
Balinese massage – 50 min
Kansu – 50 min

Day 4 Mint or thyme essential water
Energising facial drainage – 25 min
Seaweed or mud treatment with trace elements – 50 min
Foot reflexology – 50 min
Energising abdominal massage or Relaxation massage – 25 min

Day 5 Wild rose essential water
Regenerating facial treatment with coloured clay – 1h15
Abhyanga massage – 1h15
Shirodhara – 45 min
Shiny hair treatment

To start your #spa time, unwind with Tai Chi in the water.

Next a massage with a view!

Evian's exclusive Hydro Contact Course. Each nook is a station where you work another part of your body.

Finish your spa time with a chill out session in the relaxation lounge.

Sup in Style

A romantic dinner in the Royal Suite

To end the day how about some fine French cuisine overlooking the twinkling Lake Geneva? Fois Gras, Cassoulet and Crepes are typical menu choices.

Or dine in one of the gourmand restaurants!

SpaHome It!

In honor of our watery spa this week, join us as we take a waterlogged approach to fitness, learn how to turn bottles of Evian (or any water) into H2O health cocktails, how to purify your tap water, host a Water tasting party and recreate 2 of Evian’s famed bath treatments.

Live, love and lounge, Candy