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DIY Vigilius Spa Apple & Polenta Body Scrub

24 Feb

We all know an apple a day can keep the doctor away, but it can also keep the wrinkles away!  With it’s acidic properties and thick, fibrous texture, apples make an exfoliating scrub to retexturize the body.  Honey is added to give flexibility to the scrub & polenta as an extra exfoliant.  Here’s our DIY version:

Combine in a bowl

1 Cup Applesauce

1/2 Cup Dry Polenta

3 Tablespoons honey

In the shower: rub onto body (this is a body only scrub) in circular motions, focusing on knees and elbows.  (Place a piece of cheesecloth over drain to stop clogging)  Rinse!  Finish w/your fave lotion.

You can also soak your fingers in it as a pre-manicure softener.

Live, Love and Lounge, Candy


Beauty Masquerade – Do It Yourself Indulgences

29 Oct

At our last #SpaWeekGossip tweet chat, we had a lively discussion about incorporating masks into our beauty routines. As a maskaholic of sorts, I was shocked that many women don’t take the time. Not only is masking good for your skin (it dries up acne, can moisturize and chase away fine lines) it’s essential for getting a few minutes of me time that we all need and deserve.

But what was really exciting was the loads of women who tweeted about their own beauty mask recipes – either handed down from their family or self-created. So I thought you would enjoy trying these in your own beauty test kitchen. Have fun!  And if you feel like more at home beauty masks see our Pumpkin Masks article.

PS: Be sure to check out these tweeters who love spa as much as we do.

Rose oil and honey mask: Mix 2tbsp honey, 2tsp almond oil & 5 drops rose essential oil apply to face let sit for 15-30 mins.

Mix honey and sugar for a super hydrating body scrub

Apply pure egg whites on face. Let dry & rinse for a temporary lift

Blend 2 whole eggs and paint on face to tighten pores

Fashions their face masks from live Lavender flowers, honey, yogurt

Adds honey to dry oats just enough to make a paste for an exfoliating mask

Brew black tea for 3-5 min Refrigerate and apply w cotton wool on eyes leave on 10-15 min 2 depuff eyes

Dissolve a few aspirins in water to form a paste (use uncoated aspirins) good for acne

The skin of chayote squash is also nice on the face. Makes your skin glow afterwards. My father introduced me to it.

Brown sugar & coconut oil make a wonderful exfoliator for your body!

Mix 1 packet oatmeal, 2 TBSP pure honey and 2 TBSP buttermilk in blender, then pour into a bowl. Blend 1/2 cup almonds for one minute, then add the oatmeal mixture and blend until smooth. Leave on for ten minutes.

What are your at home beauty masks? We’d love to know, please leave a message in the comments. We’ll periodically add them into this post.

Live, Love & Lounge, Candy