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Eco Spa Recap #SpaWeekGossip 10/6

7 Oct

Turns out that doing good and looking good go hand in hand at our eco a-go-go #SpaWeekGossip party this week. Whether it’s a massage with oil, a treatment made right in front of our eyes – we went crazy for green spa treats and saving green with Spa Week’s $50 treatments starting Monday!

Top tweeted treatments & spas:

@RedDoorSpas Phyto Organic line of treatments
@looloos USDA Certified Organic Spa Treatments
Masks mixed in front of you like @RedMountainSpa
Seaweed Body Wraps
@CallawayGardens and @RancholaPuerta
Aveda Spas for cruelty free products
@Skin2Skincare products certified organic
SpaWeek Spas listed in green http://ow.ly/2PvzQ

Our suggestions for spas to go greener:

– Recycle gift bags, plastic containers
– Reduce water use by having guests bring their own robes, towels & going naked!
– Using energy efficient lights and equipment
– Connect with guests electronically saving paper
– Unplug appliances not in use (Great for #SpaHome too)

Ecotastic brands included Floriani, Dr. Hauschka, Weleda, Ren, Arcona, Juice Beauty, Janson Beckett & Repechage CranApple Scrub.

OF COURSE we all love making our own natural treats in our #SpaHomes. Raves & resources

50 All Natural Beauty Products You Can Make Yourself – Planet Green http://t.co/83cpqQ8
10 Natural ways to ease sore muscles from @OrganicSpaMag ~ http://bit.ly/96Vgr8
Beauty Treats & Eats recap we dished loads of homemade bty recipes http://ow.ly/2PwEX
@SpaHeiress recommends olive oil & sugar best scrub

AND OUR ACTIONS speak louder than words: Composting, recycling and unplugging at home, are ways we’re making the planet & our pockets greener.

Spas are doing good too. October is breast cancer awareness month and November is diabetes awareness month. Spas all over are going pink and blue to help find a cure for these top killers of women. Gotta love that!

Check out Breast Cancer Initiatives at Spaweek
Check out Spa4Diabetes Initiatives at Spa4Diabetes

Next week join us for a Spa Date to celebrate Sweetest Day and getting your honey to the spa. For just $100 you BOTH can have a romantic rendez-vous.

Michelle (SpaWeek) and Candy (ArtoftheSpa)


Beauty Unplugged

5 Oct

Last week in honor of our Spa Electronica high tech spa chat we shared all kinds of cool gizmos to get your skin glowing in our Electric Beauty article. This week we recommend what you can do without to help save the planet while you primp.

Gorgeous Foot Soaker! from Moroccan Home

Don’t: Electric Foot Baths

Why: Save money on electricity, they are loud (and how relaxing is that?) and really don’t mimic a foot massage – just vibrate you numb.

Instead: Use a metal or glass bowl large enough for your feet. Float flower petals on top of hot water and add salts or aromatherapy oils. Chill. Check out this beautiful bowl from Moroccan Home

Don’t: Leave the Water Running

Why: When you wash your face, your hair or brush your teeth leaving the water on wastes a huge amount of a precious resource.

Instead: Turn the faucet off while you lather up or massage your skin.

Don’t: Waste Beauty Products

Why: In addition to cluttering your vanity & wasting your money, ineffective products mean you’ll only end up throwing them away.

Instead: Sample products at home first with travel sizes or obtaining samples from the store. You can also use companies like Birchbox to buy small sizes. Read reviews of sites like Makeup Alley too. OR

Recycle: Your friends may like items you don’t or give to your daughter or niece for dress up fun.

Don’t: Automate when you can Invigorate

Why: Blindly buying every automatic beauty gadget ends up causing closet overload. Ask yourself Why? before you buy. I nearly recently bought an automatic

Do you really need a lotion roller?

lotion roller. Aside from being plastic, I thought am I really so lazy I can’t rub lotion on myself?

Instead: Do things by hand! It feels good and exerts energy – almost a mini workout!

I hope this has inspired you to make your beauty routine a bit more green!  Share and learn more great ideas at our Eco Spa Tweetchat on Twitter Wednesday, October 6 at 11 AM PST.

Live, Love & Lounge, Candy