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Make Flavored Spa Water Infusions: Water Cocktails!

5 Feb

Plain water is a thing of the past

At Evian’s Spa, their programs offer a different herbal water each day.  The idea is that different herbs have unique restorative properties and complement the spa treatments prescribed for each step of their guests’ health and beauty transformations.

We love this because let’s face it, plain water for many of us is so boring and we have trouble getting our 8 glasses a day.  That’s why we shared the Spa Water Infusion ideas below with our eHow audience.  Enjoy!  Once you try our versions, get creative and make your own water cocktails.

How to Make Spa Water Infusions for Young Glowing Skin and More Energy | eHow.com.


Argan Oil Moroccan Beauty Secret

23 Jan

To conclude our week at La Sultana, I wanted to introduce you to a line of beauty treatments I recently discovered. There is a tree grown only in southwest Morocco called the Argan tree. The oil from this tree is jam packed with vitamin e & omega 3s and is a Moroccan beauty secret.

And you can treat your entire body, including your hair, with argan via Kae Argatherapie. You can purchase it online at Amazon. Super moisturizing for winter skin too!  Some of our favorites:

Exfoliating Hammam Glove

Designed to be used in a Hammam or steam room to exfoliate the skin. It really is invigorating! Works equally well in the bath. Take it to the gym for your next steam and double your bliss!

Natural Clay Rhassoul

Made of Moroccan white clay, simply mix this powder with warm water to make a smooth paste. Apply to skin, body or hair to condition and cleanse. It can also be left on as a mask. Multipurpose and exotic – we like!

Repairing Night Serum

Soothes and heals acne and breakout prone skin. Unclogs pores and reduces redness. I love this during my, ahem, girl time of the month to help reduce breakouts.

Savon Noir (Black Soap)

I don’t know what’s more addicting about this. . . the paste texture or the fragrance of eucalyptus. Sure to help unclog those winter flu and cold stuffy noses. Just slather a bit of this on in the shower and scrub with the Hammam Glove. It makes showers so fun!

Live, Love & Lounge, Candy

Sherina Jamal of Beauty Through Balance

17 Jan

Sherina Jamal

Sherina Jamal, Founder and CEO of Beauty Through Balance, was kind enough to share her secrets for creating a relaxing and beautiful home. . . plus a few beauty and rejuvenation tips. Since her company, Ancient Secrets, supplies spas worldwide with high quality, natural products and & is instrumental in creating spa treatments. . . who else better to learn how to live the spa way.

1.      How did you start your business?  Was it a childhood goal or happy accident?

My culture being East Indian was rich in the use of herbs for healing and I have used this as a key influence in the formulations that I have created.  I watched my mother using home remedies on her skin based on Indian beauty rituals.  My passion was for natural products and do it yourself remedies to use as alternatives. From there I became interested in formulation development with a focus on natural holistic ingredients..

2.  Do you go to the spa ?  Have you been on a spa vacation?  Memorable spas, places or treatments?  Your dream spa vacation?

I recently went to Africa for a family holiday and was able to experience a treatment in a beautiful spa in Zanzibar.  But my most memorable spa experience was the VIP spa room at Spa Utopia (located in the Pan Pacific hotel in Vancouver BC) as a treat for my husband and I the day after our wedding.

My dream spa vacation would be in South India. I strongly believe in the healing benefits of Ayurvedia and would love to stay at an authentic Ayurvedic healing spa in India.

Beauty Through Balance's Signature Series

3.      How do you relax at home? Any DIY beauty/spa treatments you indulge in?  Favorite Products?  Best place in your house to escape?

After a long day at work I love cooking & whipping up something very healthy and creative to unwind.  I also try to sit quietly and take in the view with a cup of herbal tea before opening up the computer again
I use our Beauty Through Balance line at home daily but also like to make my own facial scrub using oatmeal, yogurt, pineapple and honey. I place all of this in my bullet.  For daily skin care, I use our Lavender Olive Rich Foaming Bath/Cleanser as a facial cleanser, and our Acai Power Repair moisturizer as my daily facial moisturizer.

Twice a week I use either our Seaweed Mask or Hyrda Skin Renewal Gel and daily I use our Glacial Revitalizing Mist.  For the body I think dry brushing is a must and I do that daily to keep the skin smooth and stimulate circulation.

The best place in my house to escape is either my kitchen when I’m cooking or in my living room taking in the view of the water. I also like to do some reading in bed before going to sleep. This helps me detach from work.  I have been using my Ipad to catch up on reading my Oprah newsletters.

4.  What are your weekly/monthly regimens or simple daily rituals do you do to unwind/rejuvenate? Describe?

To unwind, I hit the gym at least 3 times per week and do a long walk at least twice a week.  Spending time with family and quality time with the hubby also helps me to feel more balanced and relaxed.  At least once per month I try to go to our community church(mosque) as a believe strongly in the benefits of spirituality in enhancing one’s life and keeping life in a good balance.


Note how the artwork & table setting play off of each other in Sherina's dining room. Inspired use of fruit in the clear vase.

5.  Have your business or products inspired your home decor? How so? If not, what inspires your interior?  Did you decorate or hire a designer?

Our line is based on indigenous ingredients from around the world and also embraces what is truly “spa”.  My décor elements include Moroccan lamps, Indian pillows & other ethnic touches. The spa element is represented with natural colors like sand & creams. Contemporary furniture reflects our clean and modern packaging. Also, We are planning on bringing in a water feature. You’ll also find touches like natural aromatherapy candles and ocean elements like sea shells and sand.

The furnishings clean lines & symmetrical configuration invite you to relax and take in the view. *Note Sherina is still shopping for art for this space, like all our homes, hers is a work in progress.

6.  What tops your home wish list?  Furniture, Renovations?  Do you have any secret resources for furniture/home accessories?

Due to our busy schedules we have not yet completed the final touches on our condo. My wish list includes finding the right artwork for our walls and completing some renovations. For secret resources, Vancouver has a number of great wholesale suppliers and boutique like furniture/home décor shops so its not hard to find something unique it just takes a good eye and some patience.

Thanks so much for sharing Sherina & helping us all Live, Love & Lounge in beauty!  Visit the Beauty Through Balance website to see her entire line.  We highly recommend it.  – Candy

Ananda Hot Oil Hair Treatment

5 Jan

Did you ever notice how Indian women have the most luxurious shiny hair? We’re going to give your hair it’s own retreat right now with an easy version of Ananda’s Hot Oil treatment. And with all this indoor heating, who’s locks aren’t losing their lustre just a bit?

1. Combine the three herbal essences that Ananda uses in 1 bowl. 3 drops each of lavender, geranium & rosemary oil. Then add mix to 1/2 cup of a carrier oil I like apricot or almond. You can find these at any craft shop or health store.

2. Ananda first steams the hair to open the follicles. You can do this by soaking a towel in the hottest tap water, then wring it well and immediately wrap it around dry hair like a turban and relax for 5 to 10 minutes.

3. Then unwrap the turban, brush on the oils w/a soft brush. Now relax for another 10 minutes, then rinse with hot water and your favorite shampoo – you may need 2 or 3 rinses, and style as usual.

Stay tuned for more Ananda at home tips this week. If you missed our virtual tour Monday, check it out here.

Live, Love and Lounge, Candy

Beauty Masquerade – Do It Yourself Indulgences

29 Oct

At our last #SpaWeekGossip tweet chat, we had a lively discussion about incorporating masks into our beauty routines. As a maskaholic of sorts, I was shocked that many women don’t take the time. Not only is masking good for your skin (it dries up acne, can moisturize and chase away fine lines) it’s essential for getting a few minutes of me time that we all need and deserve.

But what was really exciting was the loads of women who tweeted about their own beauty mask recipes – either handed down from their family or self-created. So I thought you would enjoy trying these in your own beauty test kitchen. Have fun!  And if you feel like more at home beauty masks see our Pumpkin Masks article.

PS: Be sure to check out these tweeters who love spa as much as we do.

Rose oil and honey mask: Mix 2tbsp honey, 2tsp almond oil & 5 drops rose essential oil apply to face let sit for 15-30 mins.

Mix honey and sugar for a super hydrating body scrub

Apply pure egg whites on face. Let dry & rinse for a temporary lift

Blend 2 whole eggs and paint on face to tighten pores

Fashions their face masks from live Lavender flowers, honey, yogurt

Adds honey to dry oats just enough to make a paste for an exfoliating mask

Brew black tea for 3-5 min Refrigerate and apply w cotton wool on eyes leave on 10-15 min 2 depuff eyes

Dissolve a few aspirins in water to form a paste (use uncoated aspirins) good for acne

The skin of chayote squash is also nice on the face. Makes your skin glow afterwards. My father introduced me to it.

Brown sugar & coconut oil make a wonderful exfoliator for your body!

Mix 1 packet oatmeal, 2 TBSP pure honey and 2 TBSP buttermilk in blender, then pour into a bowl. Blend 1/2 cup almonds for one minute, then add the oatmeal mixture and blend until smooth. Leave on for ten minutes.

What are your at home beauty masks? We’d love to know, please leave a message in the comments. We’ll periodically add them into this post.

Live, Love & Lounge, Candy

Halloween Masquerade Ball #SpaWeekGossip Recap

29 Oct

Even though due to Twitter troubles we weren’t able to mask ourselves, we still had a blast unmasking our favorite beauty masks & recipes. In fact, there were so many great DIY recipes – we’re devoting a separate blog post to them!

At the spa or at home, peel away, hardening, mud, seaweed, mint, face, hands, feet we crave them all. AND we’d rather mask and massage separately at the spa. But, a few of us didn’t know masking was an important part of skin care. It helps maintain hydration and keeps pesky lines at bay.

TRICK or TREAT: When masking at home, we get our jollies shocking our loved ones with our spa masks! Hmmm, maybe a new Halloween costume is in order?

Seriously we want these results from our masks. . . no tricks please:

lighter and brighter skin
long term anti aging
smaller pores
smooth, soft skin
oil reduction
blackhead removal

We’d like to DIY BUT, when we don’t have the time to clean the kitchen, we choose these treats:

@therapearl Eye Mask
Erno Lazlo Sea Mud mask
@bosciaskincare black mask
@katesomerville Papaya mask
Philosophy Mint mask
Shiseido Sheet Mask
@LeafandRusher clay mask
@talikacosmetics Sleeping Beauty mask
@sphatika use pearl, crystal & gold
@kerstinflorian moor mud body wrap
@olehenrickson African Red Tea mask for firming face
Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin mask

For homemade treats see our Masquerade post (& feel free to add your homemade beauty brews in the comments)

When to mask? @spaweek recs. at least two times a week before bed – But @artofthespa does it more Find time to mask by using fast acting masks and doing it in the shower or right after you get out.

And who won the masks from @RedDoorSpa and @Repechage?  Congrats to @LLLipgloss and @Shira_Marie!  Treats for you!

Join us next Wednesday for a Spa & the Silver Screen – we’ll be talking relaxing with our favorite movies and spa treats to do during those home screenings.

Michelle (SpaWeek) and Candy (ArtoftheSpa)

It’s the Great Pumpkin “Mask” Charlie Brown

27 Oct

Because it’s nearly Halloween and it’s also time for #SpaWeekGossip s first Spa Masquerade Ball. . . . I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite pumpkin masks with you.  Pumpkin is a popular beauty ingredient as it’s enzymes are effective exfoliators, it contains luster giving anti-oxidants and it smells divine (if not made too sickly sweet!).

Pumpkin Pie Pretty Face Mask

1/2 cup canned or mashed fresh (preferable) pumpkin

1 tsp. cinnamon (only if you’re skin is NOT sensitive)

1/2 tsp honey

1/4 tsp  soy milk

Blend and apply to face – relax for 15 mins.  Using a washcloth run under warm water and wrung til damp, gently pat away mask.

Pumpkin Italiano Hair Heaven

1/2 cup canned pumpkin

1/4 cup full fat yogurt

1 tsp Olive Oil

Blend all ingredients.  Apply from root to tip of hair.  Wrap head in a warm towel.   (Throw towel in dryer immediately before wrapping hair). Relax 30 mins.  Wash thoroughly.

No time to concoct a mask?  Luckily there’s loads of ready made pumpkin pampering pleasures to enjoy.  A few of our favorites:

Philosophy Pumpkin lip shine
$10 – amazon.com

fall pumpkins

Live, Love & Lounge! Candy

Hair, There, Everywhere? Go Bare if You Dare at this week’s #SpaWeekGossip

19 Oct

Do you ever feel like half your life is spent taking it off? Hair that is. It seems like wherever we don’t want it — there it is. While how & where you decide to go bare is completely a personal choice, come and chat with us about:

– The best spa treatments for dealing with unwanted hair
– Cost effective home alternatives & DIY secrets
– Dealing with hair removal anxiety & ways to numb the pain
– Pros and cons of temporary v. permanent hair removal
– Rip off removal methods that live up to their name

Giveaway Alert from Completely Bare Spa!

What: SpaWeek & Art of the Spa’s #SpaWeekGossip

When: Wednesday, October 20th, 2 pm EST / 11 am PAC

Where: On Twitter with hashtag #SpaWeekGossip or
For easier chatting (hashtag entered automatically for you) tweet on: Tweetchat.com (link to http://tweetchat.com/room/spaweekgossip

Topic: Hair, there, everywhere

Who: @spaweek @artofthespa & YOU!

Spanelists: @spaheiress @reddoorspas @completelybare

See you there!

Michelle (Spa Week Daily) & Candy (Art of the Spa)

Beauty Unplugged

5 Oct

Last week in honor of our Spa Electronica high tech spa chat we shared all kinds of cool gizmos to get your skin glowing in our Electric Beauty article. This week we recommend what you can do without to help save the planet while you primp.

Gorgeous Foot Soaker! from Moroccan Home

Don’t: Electric Foot Baths

Why: Save money on electricity, they are loud (and how relaxing is that?) and really don’t mimic a foot massage – just vibrate you numb.

Instead: Use a metal or glass bowl large enough for your feet. Float flower petals on top of hot water and add salts or aromatherapy oils. Chill. Check out this beautiful bowl from Moroccan Home

Don’t: Leave the Water Running

Why: When you wash your face, your hair or brush your teeth leaving the water on wastes a huge amount of a precious resource.

Instead: Turn the faucet off while you lather up or massage your skin.

Don’t: Waste Beauty Products

Why: In addition to cluttering your vanity & wasting your money, ineffective products mean you’ll only end up throwing them away.

Instead: Sample products at home first with travel sizes or obtaining samples from the store. You can also use companies like Birchbox to buy small sizes. Read reviews of sites like Makeup Alley too. OR

Recycle: Your friends may like items you don’t or give to your daughter or niece for dress up fun.

Don’t: Automate when you can Invigorate

Why: Blindly buying every automatic beauty gadget ends up causing closet overload. Ask yourself Why? before you buy. I nearly recently bought an automatic

Do you really need a lotion roller?

lotion roller. Aside from being plastic, I thought am I really so lazy I can’t rub lotion on myself?

Instead: Do things by hand! It feels good and exerts energy – almost a mini workout!

I hope this has inspired you to make your beauty routine a bit more green!  Share and learn more great ideas at our Eco Spa Tweetchat on Twitter Wednesday, October 6 at 11 AM PST.

Live, Love & Lounge, Candy

Spa Flick Friday: Shallow Hal

1 Oct


What if people saw you from the inside out? WAIT, this is not a gory Halloween horror Spa Flick. I mean saw you for your character, personality, soul, the real you. Well that’s exactly what happens in this week’s Spa Flick Shallow Hal.

Jack Black stars with a thin (and then not so thin) Gwyneth Paltrow. Jack’s character is a womanizer who will only date supermodels. But, something happens and suddenly he no longer sees people’s outer beauty, only their inner beauty. Lots of confusion, fun and, make no mistake, heartwarming ensues. Really a spa flick guys and gals will love.

Though it’s message may be trite – it’s also soo right – True Beauty comes from the Inside now that’s a mental makeover we can all get on board with.


With a film selection that goes more than skin deep, how about a spa treat that does as well? Take a few minutes after the movie and meditate. Sit quietly and think: What makes you tick? Most happy? What are you grateful for today? This week? You’ll emerge as serene and soothed as if you’ve just had a stone massage.


Gwyneth’s character is from an old Irish family in Shallow Hal. So how’s about a Guiness? Only 90 calories a serving and packed with iron. Probably the closest thing to a healthy beer. Cheers!

Live, love and lounge, Candy