Based in Laguna Beach, California, FilmSpa is a technical advising firm expert in “the art of the spa” for film and television.  Founder Candy Silvasy’s global spa expertise encompasses locales, treatments, design and protocol.

Does your production:

Have a spa scene(s)?

A character giving or receiving a spa treatment?

Depict a spa day?

Relax, spa expert & stylist, Candy Silvasy, will give your project the “treatment” it deserves, enticing spa loving audiences with a true to life spa experience tailored to fit your script.  In addition, she has created on site spas for events like the Sundance Film Festival & can do the same on your set.  To discuss FilmSpa for your project – or if you have any type of spa question, contact her at 513.543.0993 or

Spa Day, Destination or Resort?

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of representing spa in film, is choosing the right spa environment for your character, story, period & setting.  There are major differences between day spas, nail salons, destination spas & wellness retreats and why a character would choose one over the other.  Candy ensures that the spa depiction will be a believable match taking into advisement the following:

– Character’s age, lifestyle, financial status & motivation

– Geography & period

An in room spa suite at Mandarin Oriental New York would suit urban honeymooners

– The purpose of the spa in the plot.  For instance, is the character undergoing a transformation?  Does the spa symbolize a haven?  Is the character on holiday?

Once the appropriate type of spa is determined, she can also assist you design the set or choose a location (see below).

The Spa Treatment

A Hammam

When crafting spa scenes, FilmSpa’s top considerations are: 1. That the sequence be as effortless for the actor as possible. 2. That the sequence have the greatest visual impact on film. 3. That the actors & the scene/stage can be reset as quickly as possible to speed filming.

Spa treatment protocol (the elements of a treatment) are period & geographically dependent.  For instance, one wouldn’t find a steam room in Turkey – it would be a hammam & look different.  Or, a film set in Thailand should not depict a Swedish massage.  As a spa historian, Candy knows how to portray a variety of periods from an ancient Roman Bath to a 1950’s Beauty Parlour.

If an actor is required to play the role of a therapist or spa goer, Silvasy can coach the actor on what would happen during the treatment/spa visit.

Some treatments you may consider:


Vichy Showers

Vichy Shower


Pedicures & Manicures


Shirodhara - a showstopper

Shirodhara Ancient Indian Oil Treatment

Body Wraps


Watsu (Underwater Massage)

Hot Stone Massage Variation

Massage including Thai, Swedish, Hot Stone & Four Handed

Don’t Shoot! It’s a Spa!

While the zen vibe of the spa seems miles away from the mayhem of a film shoot, if you want to shoot on location, Silvasy can help.  Like a spa divining rod,

Willow Stream Spa in Dubai

she can scout retreats in any country, work with the staff to meet your onsite needs & manage the details.

The Spa Set

Using a soundstage for your spa?  Silvasy has created spas in locales from a carnival tent at the Sundance Film Festival to the middle of a botanical garden.  She will collaborate with set designers to ensure a believable replica is achieved.  Including:

– Selection & placement of equipment

– Interior design

– Necessary accoutrements


White robes are so passe

Just as the military has it’s uniforms, so do spagoers & staff.  But before you en”robe” your actors in generic white terry cloth, let us suggest more suitable togs.  Candy has selected uniforms & loungewear for a variety of spas and can source and supply your costumer with the same.

It’s a Spa Emergency

FilmSpa can assist you or your crew with any spa situations you may encounter such as:

– Reviewing scripts for proper spa terminology

– Creating fantasy & fun spa treatments for comedic purposes

– Arranging on set spa services

Spa with Candy

A lifelong passion for spa has fueled Candy’s career during which she has experienced 90+ spas & (begrudingly!) logged in too many treatments to count.  Her “spa repertoire” includes:

– Stylist for spa & salon photo shoots

– Stager for residences & real estate brokers

– Reproduced spas at retail venues & entertainment functions such as the Sundance Film Festival

– Spa expert featured on: (Play her reel)

FOX News



55KRC radio

– Projects seen in:

American Spa

Spa Magazine

Cincinnati Enquirer

– Producer & writer of the Spa4Diabetes Massage & Diabetes short

– Consultant to international resort, destination & day spas for over 10 years

– Member of the California Spa Association, Thai Spa Associations, Indian Spa Association and Australasian Spa Association

– Creator of the first engagement book/calendar devoted to spas, Art of the Spa

– Hair & Spa Model

– Editor of Spa Around the World

“We look forward to bringing the spa to life for your audiences.”

Spa wishes,  Candy      513.543.0993


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