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Boudoir de Blanc Inspiration for your Bedroom & Bath

1 Feb

The Gilligan's Island exterior belies the contents of L'Ile aux Oiseaux Suite

The L’ile aux Oiseaux Suite (literally the Island of the Birds) designed by Maison Martin Margiela moves me in a way I can’t explain. How could this apres spa chambre be so avant garde & be located in a Gilligan’s Island style hut?

AND it’s located on a island on the lake of a world class vineyard & spa. . .sigh!

Trompe L’Oiel

Save the bath nook below, every flat surface that isn’t mirrored is trompe l’oieled with secret passageways, doors and faux architectural detailing. Very Alice in Wonderlandish! Keeping the rest of the furnishings and textiles white make this the focal feature of the room.

Trompe L'oiel Truimphant

SpaHome it: Try Trompe L’oeil wallpaper like this one below from Couture Deco

Or upload any image – I’m thinking a black and white storybook drawing would be gorgeous like the one below from Fine Art America for $50 – and send it to Block Posters who will turn into a poster large enough to cover entire walls.

Trompe l'oiel wallpaper from Couture Deco

Alice in Wonderland drawing

Lip Service

The iconic Heller Bocca Lips sofa with it’s solitary red mouth beckons you to sit.

Air kisses, the only "color" in the room, the lips sofa

SpaHome:  Buy the real thing from 2modern. Lips a little too out there? This Marilyn sofa from Funky Sofa keeps the sultry silhouette without being over the top.

The Marilyn Sofa

Opulence Underfoot

White carpet from West Elm

Waft across thin white carpet which is layered with white faux animal hides. The exact ones are available at West Elm.

Ikea Bomull Rug

SpaHome: Layer these flatwoven Bomull carpets from Ikea.

The Bath Nook

Curtains flanking a nook create a minimalist bath area. Narrow wall-mounted trough sinks take the place of a double vanity & create more open space. Distressed mirrors reminiscent of an urban skyline presiding above adding the right amount of edge.

Trough sinks and mirror in lieu of a double vanity in the suite

SpaHome: I love this Carrara marble trough sink from Signature Hardware. The gray veining makes it more forgiving for cleaning.

Carrara Marble Trough Sink for Your Spa Home

Walls are outfitted with tongue and groove panels clad painted in white.

SpaHome: Pine paneling about 1/4 or 3/8 inches wide painted white will give you the same effect on your own bathroom walls.

Live, love and lounge, Candy


Tete a Tete – The Heavenly Headboards of Caudalie

31 Jan

I couldn’t resist sharing the inventive headboards & beds that the designers at Les Sources de Caudalie have dreamed up. Steal their genius for your own maison:

L’Ile aux Oiseaux

Got white sheets? Got pillows? You’ve got a bed and headboard. The frameless bed sits on the ground anchoring the sleeping area.

Chambre Prestige

Shutters from the old laundry house add warmth and height to this room.

SpaHome: Search flea markets, antique shops & architectural salvage companies for unique items like doors, shutters & other wooden items with textural interest.

Chambre Prestige 2

This bed is crowned and flanked with Toile de Juoy (literally scenes of work) fabric lined with gingham and held open by two large drapery brackets attached to the wall. Sumptuousness is attained by a. lining the fabric & b. draping it across the wall not just hanging it from the crown’s semi-circle.

SpaHome: Build your own Bed Crown. Here’s how to’s for a semi round one from Leah French the Flea Market expert on  Though ready made crowns are difficult to find, Horchow has a decent selection, a favorite below.

The deep bronze and delicate lines of this bed crown from Horchow keep it from being gaudy.

Junior Suite

The stunning four poster with canopy frame more than makes up for the blank wall behind it. So French Country, though, I’d love to see a canopy drape though.

SpaHome It:  At Ethan Allen the British Classics Montego w/canopy frame channels the lines and presence of Caudalie’s.

What’s your favorite? Invented your own headboard? We’d love to hear about it in the comments or better yet post a picture in our FaceBook Lounge.

Live, love and lounge, Candy

Chiva Som Styled Boudoir & a Tranquility Tree

15 Jan

One of Chiva Som’s star accommodations is the Golden Bo Suite. With separate day, dining and living areas plus the bedroom it’s definitely not your typical hotel room. So let’s steal some of this style for our own boudoirs shall we?  Caveat:  You must love color!

Golden Bo Suite

The Silk Road

This greenish mustard makes for an inviting bed cover.

Sumptuous Thai silk outfits every soft good & upholstered surface. So glam! The furnishings, linens, window treatments all sport it. But hey we live in the real world, dogs, cats, kids, wine drinking – Silk probably isn’t the most practical choice for all furniture and linens.

But, why not mix silk with more durable fabrics? For instance, go silk with pillows and sheets (trust me you’ll never go back) and keep furnishings and duvets in a washable blend. For instance, this Nora coverlet set from Crate and Barrel which is cotton.

These Thai Silk Pillow Covers from Decorish are an inexpensive way to update your throw pillows. And for less than $5!

These would look stunning on a chocolate brown chair or bench.$5!

Pan Asian Palette

And can we talk about those luscious jewel tone colors?  Brilliant apple green & grape accents, a slightly mossy green for the window treatments, a rich merlot accent wall, chocolate upholstered sofas and chairs.

Love Amalfi Red by Ralph Lauren Home for the wall.

Through the Looking Glass

If you have a large space that needs dividing, check out what Chiva Som did here. A large hanging mirror divides the day and sleeping spaces. It creates separation but maintains a bright and airy room by reflecting light.

*Note – don’t attempt this without a professional – a mirror that large will need to be secured into the studs to ensure a sturdy hold. We don’t want this baby to fall and break, talk about 7 years of bad luck! This large Solano mirror from Pottery Barn would fit the bill perfectly!

Ring Around the Tree

Though not in the suite, nearby on Chiva Som’s grounds many of the trees have wide benches built around the trunks. Not touching the tree, slightly away so as not to damage it.

Relaxing under a tree at Chiva Som

What an excellent idea to add some relaxing space to a yard that is more trees than open space. Take a few pillows, your favorite blanket, a glass of wine. . . and spend some quality spa time in the garden. This eucalyptus one from Improvements Catalog fits the bill perfectly.

DIY verson from Improvements

Live, love and lounge, Candy

Chic Ananda Spa Style – Calming Clothes

6 Jan

At Ananda guests wear what is called a Kurta. A sheer, gauzy, white cotton tunic top and pants set with a neru collar. I don’t know about you but I’m always at a loss for what to wear around the house. Sometimes a robe just doesn’t make you feel dressed and can be cumbersome.

Love the windowpane detailing!

Kurtas make sumptuous lounging apparel and would even look smashing as hostess pajamas. And. . . The Boutique at Ananda sells them on their website.

Now for those toes – these midnight blue Royal slippers from Goody Goody remind me of the decor and royal influences abundant in Ananda’s decor and treatments. They’ve got marshmellow soles to float you around your home!

Royal by Goody Goody - Don't ya love the tassels?

Stay tuned tomorrow for some ideas to bring Ananda ambiance to your dining room decor. If you missed our earlier posts on Ananda, check out our Feature Article & The DIY Hair Oil Conditioning Treatment how tos.

Live, Love and Lounge,

Night “Ball” Gowns

26 Oct

In addition to her trusty Sleepmask (see our selections), what would a girl wear to a Spa Masquerade Ball but a Night”Ball”Gown?  Even if you’re not partying with us, check out these chemise gowns we’re craving – way too stunning to sleep in!

Peasant Style Vintage nightgown
$145 –

crystal ball ring
60 GBP –
Crystal ring »

Crystal Ball with Stand – Costumes
$15 –

Myla Primrose Gown
179 GBP –

Myla Angelica Nightgown
249 GBP –

D&G Dolce & Gabbana Leopard Nightgown Chemise
165 GBP –

Live, love and lounge, Candy

Halloween “Sleep”Masquerade

25 Oct

These sleepmasks aren’t only glamorous, they actually enhance the effectiveness of your beauty sleep by allowing a deeper slumber!  Beautiful & blissful – I’m in!

Plus, they are the perfect accompaniment to our Spa Halloween Masquerade Ball on #spaweekgossip this week!  Coming up – Night “Ball” Gowns!

Halloween Sleep"Masquerade"

Halloween Sleep”Masquerade” by ArtoftheSpa featuring a mary green

Venetian Masks,
20 GBP –

Popsicle Sleep Mask

Juicy Couture Logo

It’s About Bedtime! SpaHome Bedroom Decor

22 Oct

This Shabby SpaHome Chic bed would be beautiful in an all white bedroom or very Alice in Wonderland ‘ish’ with black accents!  From Anthropologie.  What do you think?

Hushed Hours Bed
$2,498 –

Degunk your Bunk: Five Fall Eco SpaHome Housekeeping Rituals for Stellar Skin

22 Sep

The first day of fall is upon us. And not far behind, winter. Most of us will be staying inside more and enduring the dying effects of heating systems. Not to mention the dirt & dust from summer residing inside our home.

Though we all hear of spring cleaning – is fall dirtening?  Not! Try these five tips to prime your palace for indoor living that’s soft on skin:

1. De-bunny heating vents.

Gross, I know – but dust bunnies often gather on & in heating units & if you don’t clean them, guess what? That “bunny” may just hop into your pores causing breakouts. Grosser!

Vent filters

How to: Remove vent cover. Wash in warm, soapy water. Vacuum inside of vent, then use a cloth to dust off the slats. (SpaHome Secret: Add essential oil to the water, your room will smell fab for a few weeks after.) Insert a vent filter like these from Home Depot.

2. Fall into the fridge.

You are what you eat. If you want a delicious complexion eat fresh. First get rid of the garbage from fridge & freezer. Pick out the popsicle from the ice cube tray. Compost outdated food.

Think about your fall/holiday plans. Do you want to lose weight? Are you hosting lots of parties? What staples will you need to accomplish your goals?  Make a list and go shopping. SpaHome Food Tip – Include lots of fresh salmon & veg for a fab fall face.

3. Freshen the entry.

Your door symbolizes the gateway to your sanctuary. A dirty, cluttered entry can lead to the same on your face. Ick! Cleanse your door w/vinegar & water & don’t forget the handle. Put away the shoes and other paraphernalia cluttered around it. Get a new doormat.

4. Orchestrate an orchid invasion.

Orchids are one of those plants that clean and add fresh oxygen to the air. Not only are they gorgeous to look at when summer color is fading, but they get rid of toxins and free radicals that age skin.

5. Launder the linens.

What’s next to your skin more than the fabric in our lives? Gather the tablecloths, place mats, sheets, throws and towels that you’ve been using and the ones you plan to use for winter.

Wash them in Anti-Allergen Laundry Detergent from The Ecology Works. It cleans and removes allergens from dust mites, pets, molds and neutralizes odors. Best of all it’s plant-based and eco-friendly.

What are some of your favorite fall cleaning rituals?  Share with us in the comments below.

Live, love and lounge, Candy

The SpaHome Secret Weapon: The Birth of the “Me” Nook

25 Aug

Barbie sheets draped over my Mom’s best sofa & chair. Me underneath, with a flashlight and a Nancy Drew (I inhaled them like Candy, pun intended). If I wasn’t there, chances are my folks would find me sequestered in the attic plotting my fashion empire.

Fast forward. Enter dogs, cats, bffs, hubbies, partners. The “m” in Me Time, always flips to “w”. But that yearning for private space, still pokes us. . . though we usually ignore it. Time for ourselves let alone a retreat? What’s that?

My first grown up go to getaway was triggered by my live in boyfriend. No money to go to the spa, but sometimes I craved solitude. I tried meditation but frankly my mind wouldn’t cooperate.

Then a Homegoods shopping trip turned inspiring when I spotted a mosquito net bed canopy. “hmm” That mosquito net – hung from the ceiling over a chair in my bedroom – transformed that spot into my retreat.

At first, I’d hang out there for a few minutes then longer & longer. The boyfriend nicknamed it the Peace Palace, and he respected my privacy. Simply looking at it sent me into Buddha brain. If I had a supercrazed day, I would comfort myself there.

BONUS: Tuning out daily is an awesome way to eject health harming & aging stress out the door.  Cortisol Queen?  Not!  Give us the Tranquility Tiara!

Craving a little Nook”ie” of your own?  The ideal MN has three components:

1. Comfy seating
2. A Barrier
3. A designated spot – key

Your own Zen Den can be as simple my first one. Check out the collage below for style ideas.


While we’re back in the attic fashioning Me Nooks for every room in your home. . . find a spot for your retreat. BE SURE TO COMMENT & let us know where you choose.

eero aarnio ball chair
$6,860 –

Lulu Chair – Arboretum Green
$448 –

Sheepskin Pouf | west elm
$349 –

Coyote Butterfly Chair Set
$128 –

Regina Floor Pillow
$95 –

Pom Pom Throw from West Elm
$59 –

Trading Phrases | Wall Decals | Relax
$20 –

Mombasa Feather Net Canopy
$18 –

Live, love and lounge, Candy

En”Robed” What to Wear to Unwind

24 Aug