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Travel Tuesday Destination: Hagabadet in Gothenberg Sweden

8 Jun

Happy Travel Tuesday everyone or should I say Skol? Today’s spa is Hagabadet in Gothenberg on the coast of Sweden – a small historical cobblestone town. Ironically, Hagabadet was built by a local philanthropist as a gift to the locals so they could enjoy well-being and health care, but today it is an exclusive resort.

The Agget

It’s definitely a health focused spa where you can get beauty treatments and massage, but also consult with personal trainers, holistic caregivers & naturopaths. After working out in the state of the art gym, dive into the restored pool named the Agget (The Egg it has an egg shaped end) pool or soak in a mineral pool.

Happy Travel Tuesday and Spa Wishes, Candy


Wordless Wine Wednesday 5/12/10

12 May

Chocolate Mint Body Treatment - Calorie Free Indulgence!

Spa Treat

So many of my friends are dieting in prep for bathing suit season – I thought you may enjoy a bikini friendly chocolate spa experience.  The Chocolate Spa at the Hotel Hershey is set in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania dairy country.  And their treatments smell as good as they feel – no eating please.  For instance, the Chocolate Mint Body Wrap above which combines a massage, a scrub with a cocoa bean husks & a moisturizing mint body mask – Peppermint Patties? who needs them?

Wine Pairing

Chocolate & wine are delish together – especially the richness of a deep cabernet.  The Hotel Hershey has wine and chocolate pairing evenings to guarantee you choose the optimal combination.

Spa Wishes, Candy

Wordless Wine Wednesday Cinco De Mayo Edition

5 May

Chase away chilly Spring evenings around the floating fireplace

Spa Treat

Located at the top of the mountain that was blessed by Tenzin Gyatzo, fourteenth Dalai Lama and a group of Tibetan monks (& 2 hours from Mexico City), El Santuario literally means The Sanctuary and that it is.  This is the ideal place to take your significant other for some horseback riding & parasailing. . . then chill out together with a couple’s massage!

Wine Selection

Mexico has loads of great wineries. . .but given that today is Cinco de Mayo why not make your own Spa Sangria?  In a pitcher mix equal amounts of Red Wine, Pomegranate Juice, Pineapple Juice & Diet Tonic Water. Add sliced oranges & lemons – squeeze the slices lightly as you add them.    Fill glasses with frozen grapes to cool and accent & enjoy!

Spa Wishes, Candy

Wordless Wine Wednesday 4/28/10

28 Apr

Your Morning Swim Awaits!

Spa Treat

What better spot for a spa than Paradise Valley, Arizona?  Sanctuary Camelback Mountain shuts out reality at it’s sky high locale. The watsu (water massage in a special heated votive surrounded pool) will leave you wordless.

Wine Pairing

Su Vino Winery in nearby Scottsdale, offers a huge array of wine & even a create your own option. Try their Signature Red Wine Blend in the Special Edition Artist’s Series. Each quarter Su Vino features art from a local artist on the label!

Spa Wishes, Candy

Wordless Wine Wednesday 4/21/10

21 Apr

Spa Treat: Where better to celebrate Earth Day than w/a soothing soak at the Sage Springs Spa’s rock surrounded jacuzzis in Bend, Oregon?

Wine Pairing: The Wine Press Northeast proclaims the Syrahs at Volcano Vineyards in Bend some of the best. Why not sip on a glass while you soak?

Happy Earth Day and Spa Wishes, Candy

Wordless Wine Wednesday 4/14/2010

14 Apr

Spa Treat:

Spring is the best time for the desert and what better locale than Palm Springs? The After Sun Body Wrap at The Agua Serena Spa at the Hyatt Grand Champions in Palm Springs soothes your apres sun skin.

Wine Pairing:

While you’re in Palm Springs quench your thirst at Wild for the Vine – try their 2007 Broman Sauvingnon Blanc which is featured in this week’s tasting flight.

Spa Wishes, Candy

Amazing Race to the Spa: Singapore

12 Apr

Sadly, due to technical difficulties I had to miss my beloved Amazing Race this week. BUT, I remembered Phil said the racers would be bolting around Singapore – so while I can’t do my recap – how about a visit to one of the top spas in Singapore?  If you need a recap, She Knows has an awesome one.

Singapore is a city that takes spa and relaxation seriously. The Singapore Tourism Board awards the top respites annually with Best Spa Experience and Best Tourism Hotel: Spa. And this week’s spa has won them both and SpaAsias’ award for one of the top ten spas.

Spa Getaway

The Spa Botanica is located in the Sentosa Hotel and a favorite of mine. Spa Botanica has the distinction of being Singapore’s first garden destination spa, it also has Asia’s first mud pools and float pools with cascading waterfalls. The mud in the region is known for it’s richness of earth and it’s positive life energy is thought to be healing.

If any of the racers are still injured, they can visit the spa’s Seven Eden Wellness Centre for a Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation or acupuncture. Or try the Executive Health and Active Aging programs and leave with a plan for living younger and more optimally.

But Spa Botanica’s most a”maz”ing feature are the meditation labyrinths. Lose your cares in this age old circle for escaping the modern world. A single path leads you into the circle where you can sit and leave your worries. . . then take the other path out and at peace.

Since the racers will arrive in the evening, I’d recommend they do one of the spa’s Galaxy treatments while they rest under the stars. For instance:

galaxy mud detox and massage
Submerge yourself in the bathing rituals of ancient cultures while journeying into the wonders of the galaxy. The Galaxy Steam Bath is the first of its kind in Asia. This relaxing treatment comes from a long tradition of cleansing rituals in Asia and the Middle East. Apply mud blended with essential oils selected to suit different parts of the body. Then relax under the stars in quiet reflection as you are soothed by the gentle application of dry heat. As the temperature gradually increases, indulge in a soft herbal mud detox experience. Complete you rejuvenate with warm drizzle shower.

and I’ll bet the gals especially would love the travel gunk washed out of their hair with one of Botanica’s Hair Spa treats like:

detoxifying scalp treatment
This totally reinvigorating experience relaxes tense scalp muscles and soothes stress-induced headaches brought about by a hectic lifestyle. It also removes excessive sebum and dirt from polluted air. A deep cleansing treatment is highly recommended for oily scalps. Detoxify regularly to prevent hair loss.

Bringing it Home: The Labyrinth – Meditation Hits the Spot!

Since it’s spring and we’re all getting down and dirty in our gardens, why not create your own temporary Labyrinth? Even if you have a small yard you can design a spot that will signal you to unwind.

One of Spa Botanica's Labyrinths

Typically a labyrinth is 50 feet long at least, with a set of loops that lead to the middle and then another set of loops that lead out. See Spa Botanica’s labyrinth pic above. But in our practical version we are going to use a spiral model with in and out counting as two separate paths. To Do:

1. Find the most secluded place in your yard where you can make a circle w/at least a 5 foot diameter.
2. Place small stones, bricks, wood or sticks along the outer edge of your circle.
3. Determine your material:
– You can fill circle with sand (if it’s more permanent) then draw a spiral in the sand from center to perimeter
– You can make a spiral with rocks – even river stones from the craft store work well. Start from center and make a spiral out
– Use your imagination! To finish place a small pillow in the center.

To use your Labyrinth:
– Enter from the perimeter and walk the spiral to the center.
– Sit in the center & empty your mind of everything but the sounds & smells of your garden at least 3 mins or more.
– Exit by retracing your path to the outer edge of the circle.

If you really want to go to town and do a complex labyrinth, check out this how to on DIY Network

Spa wishes, Candy

Wordless Wine Wednesday 4/7/10

7 Apr

(Note: We’ve added wine pairings to our Wordless (Spa) Wednesdays.  What could be more fine at spa time?)

Spa: Melt inn-to spring, with the Hot Stone Massage at the Inn at Manitou’s spa.  Perched on a lake in Ontario, Canada, this charming luxury inn reopens for the season May 7.

Wine pairing:  The Inn has over 4,000 bottles of wine in it’s cellar.  Their wine tastings & food and wine weekends are legendary.   Ontario even has it’s own winery site. How about a glass of 2007 Vidal Icewine from the Chateau des Charmes?

Spa wishes, Candy

Amazing Race to the Spa Malaysia

5 Apr

Well it’s been a pretty insane Easter! First, an earthquake (my first), the beach then a switchback Amazing Race where the 1st team last week was eliminated & the last place team last week was first! Go Cowboys!

I loved all the spa influences in this episode. Malaysia’s breathtaking as a backdrop to the race. The architecture, colors, design all scream tropical tranquility even in the midst of a harried trip.

For instance, how about the cowboys speed bump of serving tea to a meditating guru? Wouldn’t it have been hilarious to see the cowboys do yoga with him? The guru seemed pretty amused by their Western hand shakes. Even the balancing flagpoles could be classified as acupressure. I don’t know about you, but, now Malaysia is definitely on my shortlist of places to visit.

SpaHome Inspiration

The colors of spice & this settee & silver serving tray inspire Malaysian spa style

Like I mentioned before, Malaysian style transported me to a cheery place – just like a spa visit would. Why not perk up your home with the rich mustard yellows, fiery pinks and burnt oranges. Try it painlessly using accent pillows, fresh flowers and/or pillar candles. Add a piece of accent furniture in a mahogany or cherry colored wood and silver accessories – for true exotic feel – think an ottoman, bench or even woven square baskets.  Even a tarnished silver tray from a vintage or second hand store gives instant richness.

And let’s not forget the music, try Exotic Spa for transporting tunes.

Spa Destination

The racers ended in Penang Malaysia this week. Little do they know Shangri-La is literally waiting for them: Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa

Shangri-La’s spa is called Chi which means life force (and don’t these racers need all they can to complete their global dash?) If I were CBS, ahem, I would send them for:

CHI BALANCE 1 hr 30 min
A unique blend of Asian techniques personalised to suit your current Yin/Yang status, focusing on the earth element (building CHI), wood element (moving CHI), and fire element (clarity and peace of mind). Techniques include acupressure, energizing massage for yang stimulation and a relaxing massage for yin calm. Pure oriental element oils are used to harmonise CHI flow.

A wonderfully relaxing massage inspired by the traditional techniques of native Malay healers. The treatment begins with a warmed linen pouch steamed with a concoction of local herbs, lemongrass and pandan leaves and applied with gentle pressure to soothe the neck and shoulders. A massage of long kneading strokes follows, using aromatic nutmeg and sandalwood oil to relax and invigorate.

Til next week, Spa wishes, Candy

Wordless Wine Wednesday 3/31/10

31 Mar

Spring break Italian Style at the Hotel de Russie in Rome, Italy.  Grab a chianti and enjoy a spa room with a view!

Spa wishes, Candy