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DIY Vigilius Spa Apple & Polenta Body Scrub

24 Feb

We all know an apple a day can keep the doctor away, but it can also keep the wrinkles away!  With it’s acidic properties and thick, fibrous texture, apples make an exfoliating scrub to retexturize the body.  Honey is added to give flexibility to the scrub & polenta as an extra exfoliant.  Here’s our DIY version:

Combine in a bowl

1 Cup Applesauce

1/2 Cup Dry Polenta

3 Tablespoons honey

In the shower: rub onto body (this is a body only scrub) in circular motions, focusing on knees and elbows.  (Place a piece of cheesecloth over drain to stop clogging)  Rinse!  Finish w/your fave lotion.

You can also soak your fingers in it as a pre-manicure softener.

Live, Love and Lounge, Candy


How to Do The Five Tibetans exercises

24 Feb

Vigilius Mountain Resort may not have a gym, but it has something better – an incredible natural outdoor setting in which to move and meditate.  You can elect every morning to do The Five Tibetans with Vigilius’ personal trainer in The Paradise Garden.

The Five Tibetans are highly energizing yogic postures and exercises that originated in the Himalayas. Liberating and enhancing the innate energetic power of the human body and mind, these five exercises take a minimum of daily time and effort but offer remarkable results in the way of increased physical strength and suppleness as well as mental acuity.

Amazon has the classic how to book: The Five Tibetans which demonstrates the original exercises. However, our friends at Yoga Today have a free and supereasy to follow Five Tibetans video on YouTube which you can do every morning! Click here to watch now.

Live, love & lounge, Candy

Vigilius Mountain Resort Spa – South Tyrol, Italy

21 Feb

This year is proving quite fun no?  Thanks for accompanying us to our sixth spa this year the Vigilius Mountain Resort in Tyrol, Italy.  A secluded mountain spa retreat is the perfect apres Valentine’s surprise for our sweeties, don’t ya think?

Oh look, here comes the gondola.  Isn’t it supercool that this or a crisp hike up the mountain are the ONLY ways to the resort and only guests & staff are allowed?

Check out this architecture!  The clean lines are making me feel more serene already!  I wonder if architect Matteo Thun makes US housecalls? He has been quoted saying that Vigilius is a treehouse like retreat & we agree!

The piazza with free-standing fireplace is a stunning combo of locally sourced larchwood walls (which smell divine) & silver quartz floor.  Red curtains & furniture beckon.  No way, we’re ready to see our room.

Ciao simplicity! Check out that view of the Dolomites! The unadorned furniture, good lighting, lots of wood and a free standing clay wall are orchestrated to cradle us and to draw our eye to that view.  Did we mention the Frette sheets?  We may never leave.

A surefire remedy to post flight leg cramps, we scheduled our 1st treatment in the Paradise Garden.  And it’s a Vigilius specialty called Phytomassopodia.  Say that five times fast!

PHP Phytomassopodia (trademarked) is a foot treatment researched by Prof. G Mazzocco based on the studies of kinesiology, physiotherapy, podiatry, thermal medicine and aromatherapy.  An hour incorporating peeling, massage, cold/warm wraps, algae and PMP herb prepartaions     Improves circulation, cramps and muscle pains and activates inner organs.

Fancy a swim anyone?  How about a lounge by the fireplace?

Pool view from the lounge chair!

Refreshed we felt like giving archery a go.  Who knew it was such a good arm workout?  Mine are numb!  Watch out Robin Hood!

There is no “official” gym at Vigilius.  Hurray!  Instead, the grounds are your playground.  Hike, snowshoe, ski, play Boccia ball or schedule a session with their personal trainer.  We are dying to try the Five Tibetans: five poses said to extend youth & vitality.

All that exercise calls for a roll in the hay!  One of Vigilius’ signature treatments calls for hay comprised of Tyrolean mountain herbs which are said to invigorate & increase circulation.  We can’t wait to try the Apple & Polenta scrub either!

A nightcap of design books in the Vigilius library conjures designer spa dreams to end our day.

SpaHome It!

We hope you enjoyed your day at Vigilius.  Follow along the rest of the week for:

-A DIY version of the Polenta Apple Peel

-Eco-friendly bathroom decor inspired by Vigilius

-Ideas for your own meditation spot (for those without space for an entire room to devote to it like at Vigilius)

-A video lesson on how to do the Five Tibetans

Live, Love and Lounge, Candy

*Images courtesy Vigilius Mountain Resort