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The Dining Room & Patio – Ananda Style

7 Jan

One key element to bringing spa living to your abode, is to have a transition piece. It’s the thing that says goodbye world hello me. It could be a fountain on the patio, fragrant jasmine at the door or a supersoft rug in your foyer.

At Ananda, guests are welcomed by a herd of peacocks when they drive up to the gate! Talk about regalia! But not only are they signal you’ve arrived, but they foreshadow what awaits inside. Because the decor reflects their regal feathers.

Welcome to Ananda

For instance, the Viceregal Tea Lounge. Yes a WHOLE ROOM devoted to sipping tea! Has a lovely navy, royal blue, gold and cream palette reminiscent of peacock feathers.

Viceregal Tea Lounge

Bring a touch of Viceregal to Your Dining Room

Dining chair seats are a super quick way to change or add personality. This Kravet Woven Jacobean fabric would be stunning accented with short bullion fringe around the cushion (also by Kravet) for a truly regal feel.

Kravet Jacobean

Kravet Bullion Fringe

Walls take on a tea stained lustre with a yellowed ivory (like Hepplewhite Ivory from Benjamin Moore), accented with bright white molding. Use toe molding to create panels to frame your artwork. So elegant!

Hepplewhite Ivory from Benjamin Moore

Elephant in the Room: And don’t forget to put an elephant in the room somewhere – maybe a small sculpture, or in your placemats, on a bowl – they are thought to bring good luck! I like this Novica Buddha & The Ruby Elephant teapot available at World Market.

Posh Patio Ceiling

The Yoga Pavilion’s ceiling is another stunning design element. Almost like a real flying carpet, you can do your asanas looking at a sea of blue.

Yoga Pavilion

Paddington Blue Benjamin Moore

SpaHome Solution

I love the way this cozies up an outside space – perhaps your covered patio could use a color boost? I’m not saying glue a carpet to it (though that’s something I’d like to attempt!), but why not try painting it a rich blue? Paddington Blue by Benjamin Moore available at is a rich and calming choice.  *Note color swatches courtesy of

Next week’s feature spa launches Monday. I wonder what it will be? If you missed any episodes of Ananda click on the 2011 Weekly Spa Tour category tab to the right.

Live, love & lounge, Candy


Chic Ananda Spa Style – Calming Clothes

6 Jan

At Ananda guests wear what is called a Kurta. A sheer, gauzy, white cotton tunic top and pants set with a neru collar. I don’t know about you but I’m always at a loss for what to wear around the house. Sometimes a robe just doesn’t make you feel dressed and can be cumbersome.

Love the windowpane detailing!

Kurtas make sumptuous lounging apparel and would even look smashing as hostess pajamas. And. . . The Boutique at Ananda sells them on their website.

Now for those toes – these midnight blue Royal slippers from Goody Goody remind me of the decor and royal influences abundant in Ananda’s decor and treatments. They’ve got marshmellow soles to float you around your home!

Royal by Goody Goody - Don't ya love the tassels?

Stay tuned tomorrow for some ideas to bring Ananda ambiance to your dining room decor. If you missed our earlier posts on Ananda, check out our Feature Article & The DIY Hair Oil Conditioning Treatment how tos.

Live, Love and Lounge,

Ananda Hot Oil Hair Treatment

5 Jan

Did you ever notice how Indian women have the most luxurious shiny hair? We’re going to give your hair it’s own retreat right now with an easy version of Ananda’s Hot Oil treatment. And with all this indoor heating, who’s locks aren’t losing their lustre just a bit?

1. Combine the three herbal essences that Ananda uses in 1 bowl. 3 drops each of lavender, geranium & rosemary oil. Then add mix to 1/2 cup of a carrier oil I like apricot or almond. You can find these at any craft shop or health store.

2. Ananda first steams the hair to open the follicles. You can do this by soaking a towel in the hottest tap water, then wring it well and immediately wrap it around dry hair like a turban and relax for 5 to 10 minutes.

3. Then unwrap the turban, brush on the oils w/a soft brush. Now relax for another 10 minutes, then rinse with hot water and your favorite shampoo – you may need 2 or 3 rinses, and style as usual.

Stay tuned for more Ananda at home tips this week. If you missed our virtual tour Monday, check it out here.

Live, Love and Lounge, Candy

Ananda Spa – Feature Spa Week 1

4 Jan

Who’s ready for the first of our 52 spa adventures?  In case you missed the news in Why I Won’t Go to the Spa this Year, each week of 2011 we’ll feature a world class destination spa & give you simple ways to bring it home throughout the week.  It’s a virtual vacation and lifestyle makeover in one!

Where better to start than the the top destination spa in the world, a secret sanctuary in the Himalayas where celebs like Oprah retreat.  Ananda is an exclusive spa housed in a former Maharajah’s palace in India.  You can immerse yourself in Indian culture with luxurious treatments based on the ancient Indian health philosophy of Auryveda, stretch your cares away with Hatha yoga and get zen meditating with a Swami.  You can even ride an elephant!

The Ananda Spa

Some of the Ananda inspired home projects for this week include:  signature Auryvedic cuisine, our DIY version of their soothing scalp & hair treatment, and Maharaja style design elements for your home.  So get your saris on.

Let’s start with a photo tour pictures courtesy of Ananda:

The view from the spa of the Ganges River

Cuppa tea? The Viceregal Tea Lounge

Enjoying the view from the cozy room

Welcome to the Spa Lobby!

A secluded corner for meditating or reading

Vedanta classes help balance spiritual & material prosperity for well-being.

Having a facial!

Look for ways to bring it home the rest of this week, Live, Love & Lounge, Candy