Give Your Guy a Valentine’s Spa Night at Home! (updated 2021)



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Valentine’s Day

Stuck for Sweetest Day or Valentines Day ideas for the guy who has it all? How about a manly spa night in? This ultimate masculine spa evening offers relaxation, indulgence and togetherness. Sweet!

The Invite

Mail your sweetheart an invitation to dinner (or slip it into his briefcase) Request an RSVP.

The Nibbles

The Menu and Order to Serve with Minimal Muss & Fuss:

  1. Before the spa treatments, serve light snacks like fruit and a refreshing beer perhaps
  2. While your guy is relaxing during the hand treatment (deets below), place the food (either preprepped or ordered in – but you want it mostly done before starting the pampering!) in a warm oven
  3. After you place the stones for the foot treatment (or let the face mask set if you’re not doing the foot part – some guys are ticklish there) plate the dinner and prep everything to bring in to the “spa”
  4. Once you finish the treatments, bring the plates in and enjoy!

For the menu nothing too heavy, you don’t want him to fall asleep on you! Make or order in his favorite meal – some steak is sure to be a hit. I find italian food stays warm well. You will have to prep ahead so you can bring the food out after the spa treatments, Be sure selections can be kept warm during spa time, so there is an uninterrupted flow to the evening as above. If you order in, ask the restaurant to bring food in heat safe containers.

Don’t forget beverages and fresh fruit as pre-spa starters. Drink choices include water infusions . . . but a bottle of wine or a pitcher of his fave cocktail or beer may help him relax.

Pajamas are also a fab gift!

The Present

Buy your guy a robe and slippers – maybe even have them monogrammed if you have time. Or make it even more special by contacting a fave resort y’all have visited or want to visit and order a robe from there. Create and print a “Menu” listing the spa treatments. Place the menu on top of the robe and slippers and wrap. Give to him when he get’s home.

Activate a duo “law of attraction” – order him a robe from a dream destination y’all want to visit. . . you may just go there faster than you think!

xoCandy Holladay

Set up the Spa

Prepare pitchers of drinks, gather candles (woodsy scents like pine lend masculine appeal) and music. Create a nook by moving living room chairs next to the sofa to create an L shape. Unless you have an L shaped couch, in which case I’m so jelly!

Cushion the floor, layering blankets, quilts, sleeping bags and sheets. Lean pillows around the edge of the furniture and on the floor for seating – bed pillows, throw pillows, sofa cushions, floor cushions work great.

Use a low coffee table or trays set to the side for treatment supplies, beverage, snacks and candles. Twenty minutes before his arrival warm the oil and water, dim the lights, set up the music and light candles


Find tons of spa music to buy or download here, or check out our podcast “Spin” episodes for some free chill tunes.

Spa Treatment Shopping List

  • 12 – 14 Smooth flat stones a bit bigger than a quarter (from outside or a craft store) soaking in a bowl of warmed apricot oil (warm in the microwave 10 secs at a time)(option – add 2 drops of pine or cedarwood essential oil)
  • Cotton pads
  • 2 Bowls of warm water
  • Toner (use your own, just don’t tell him)
  • Moisturizing (non-hardening) face mask
  • a stack of hand towels

The Spa Treatments

When he arrives, give him his gift. Pour him a beverage. Surprise! It’s a spa night! Have him remove his shoes and socks and put on his slippers. Optional: Ask him to put on the robe. Proceed with selected treatments & food at your own pace. Here’s a mélange of DIY masculine indulgences do as many as you like! or think he’ll like:

Hands Down

Sit across from him, taking one of his hands palm up. Holding a pebble from the oil, rub the stone in circles radiating from the middle of the palm out, then stroking it along his fingers. Turn the palm over and rub with your fingertips in the same pattern. Place one pebble between the spaces of his fingers & wrap the hand in a towel. Repeat on the other hand. Let him relax for 10 minutes. Remove the towel and stones rubbing in excess oil.

Romance alert: While his hands are “tied” is an excellent time to feed him fruit or beverages.


Using the oil from your fingers to massage his scalp. Beginning at the hairline, vigorously knead as if you were making bread. Next, gently pull his hair to stimulate circulation. Finish by squeezing the edges of his ears from the lobe along the outer rim upwards.

Brave Face

Arrange the thickest cushions on the floor in a “bed” and have Mr.-Blissed-Out-By-Now lay face up. Wet a cotton pad with water and clean his face and neck. Rub a stone horizontally across his forehead. Then press your fingers along the bone that encircles the eyes (the orbital bone), stoke from his chin up the cheeks and press your palms against his cheeks, then stoke from his collarbone up the neck. Apply toner to his face and neck. Spread the mask over the face and neck, placing a damp cotton pad over eyes.

Fred Flintstone Rock Feet

While the face mask sets, place the pebbles between his toes a la Hands Down above. Massage his calves and feet for 15-20 minutes. Whether he’s robed or not also makes a difference. When you’re finished, use a warm cotton pad to clean the face mask off.

Check out this Open Heart Yoga Sesh too, it would make a dreamy nightcap! The treatment series can take as long as you like, feel like extending the hand massage? Go for it!

Have dinner & enjoy the rest of your Sweetest or Valentine’s Day evening.

Cheers to the sweetest Valentines ever! Thanks for Tuning In! Live, love and lounge, Candy

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