Bordeaux Wine Tasting Class & Party

As a spa on a vineyard, its no surprise Les Sources de Caudalie wine tasting classes are a guest favorite. But if you can’t get to Bordeaux anytime soon, hold your own version with this informal Bordeaux Wine Tasting Party.


Wine tastings work best with 6 – 8 guests max. Otherwise you’ll need to start buying multiples of the wine AND it allows for each guest to chat with group re their impressions. I’ve created a complimentary invitation you can print on good quality paper & download:

The Wine

You’ll note the invite requests each guest bring a bottle of Bordeaux wine. This can be confusing as it has double meanings. It can mean a general Bordeaux – an inexpensive table wine. Or it can mean it is from the Bordeaux region (& a bit pricier) We’ve chosen the former for guests to bring & we usually add a few of the regional bottles.

All You Need is Wine!


Tasting Kit

Buy a wine tasting kit for the party like All You Need is Wine for the bags to cloak the wine bottles. Kits also include scorecards and placemats. If you enjoy throwing wine tastings, make copies of the forms so you can replenish.

DIY: If you’d rather not buy a kit, the internet has a wealth of free downloadable scorecards and placements. Hide bottle with a piece of construction paper taped around it marked with a unique number. Be sure to write down which is which.  A few of our fave forms:
Detailed Scorecard from Wine Country Getaways
Wine Placemat from Wine Country Getaways
Delong Wine Graphic Scorecard

Decor & Set Up

-Wine crates (most wine shops will give these to you for free): Stack them around the tasting area/room

-A red or purple tablecloth with a protective pad under to protect the Tasting Table. Patterned fabric remnants also work well. Bunches of grapes and corkscrews at the center with room to set tasting bottles make a centerpiece.

-Download photos of Bordeaux and have them printed on 11 x 14 or larger paper. Hang on the wall or in picture frames. Check out these from Stefano Molinari

This image from Stefano Molinari sets the French mood

-Lay a placemat for each guest on the table with empty wine glasses (we use clear plastic glasses for tastes) on each number on the mat.

-Put out snacks. If you have ice buckets, they make festive cracker bowls lined with cloth or a fabric remnant.


-Assortment of cheeses that pair with Bordeaux wines: Gorgonzola, Havarti & Roquefort Brie
-Pain au Chocolate: French bread with dark chocolate melted on the top
-Wine crackers for in between each tasting to cleanse the palate (Trenton are the best)

Trenton Wine Crackers


Party Time!

Once all guests arrive, uncork & cloak their wine bottles with wine bags randomly somewhere unseen to guests. Place cloaked wine bottled on tasting table. Give guests scorecards and explain they will taste and rate each wine & give their opinion as you go.

You can also talk about the Bordeaux region of France & why you chose these wines. Make it fun and casual – at the end of the tasting enjoy discussing the best and worst and compare the prices. . . And of course finishing the wine!
Salut! Live love and lounge, Candy

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  1. Spa Around the World is a GREAT site. I frequently show new things to my collegues and my wife…in fact I have in the process if booking my next spa trip to one your featured spots.
    -Mark (AKA The Spa Man)

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