Aloe Vera Juice Beauty – Inspired by Chiva Som’s Pure Source Treatments

15 Jan

Chiva Som has an entire treatment series devoted to the use of aloe. I already love playing with aloe vera juice to create new DIY spa treats so I buy it by the gallon from The Vitamin Shoppe. Many people swear drinking it helps digestive problems, but I tried and nearly gagged! I’ll stick to topical uses thanks.

basil pic via

The spa mixes aloe with a secret blend of essential oils which they won’t divulge. So I created my own Chiva Som aloe blend, with lemongrass and basil. Popular ingredients in Thai cuisine, both Lemongrass and Basil have aromatherapeutic benefits ideal for curing the winter doldrums.

Lemongrass is known to be uplifting for it’s citrusy aroma and is available from retailers like Seed Parade.

Lemongrass on one of my favorite spa CDs!

Basil is said to clear the mind, induce focus & is one of the best all around rejuvenating fragrances

There are 2 ways to make the blend: Either buy fresh lemongrass & basil from the grocery & mash with a mortar & pestle. Then mix it into aloe juice & keep in the refrigerator. Or if you prefer, buy essential oils – about 5 drops ea. per cup of aloe juice.

Some ways to use this beauty nectar:

Manicure Moisturizer – Pour into fingertip bowls and soak to banish dry cuticles

Body Bliss – Exfoliate your body with your favorite scrub. Apply aloe with hands or a bush. Wrap in a warm towel (right out of the dryer is yummy) and relax for 15 – 20 mins. Shower off in cool water.

Office Pick Me Up – Keep a small glass of the concoction on your desk. Throughout the day, slather on hands (it dries super fast) or just inhale the aroma.

If you missed any other Chiva Som features this week, check out how to make their Marinated Sea Bass or Taro Cake. Do their Thai Kickboxing class or decorate your bedroom. Just click Chiva Som at the right.

Live, Love & Lounge, Candy


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