Week 2 Feature Spa: Chiva Som Health Resort

13 Jan

Chiva Som, also known as the “Haven of Life” lives up to it’s name.  Truly a respite from the world, it’s located in Hua Hin, a posh resort & beach town in Thailand 200 km south of Bangkok. With only 58 rooms, located on the Gulf of Thailand, Chiva Som promises an intimate spa experience.

Your trip would likely start with a Mercedes limo picking you up at the airport for a three hour ride to the resort.  Once settled in, most guests see a licensed health practitioner.  Medical doctors, nurses, naturopaths and holistic practitioners are on staff to evaluate emotional, spiritual and physical status.

Guests then receive recommendations to achieve their goals such as eating plans, fitness courses, holistic therapies and spa treatments.   Chiva Som is adamant in ensuring it’s guests leave energetic, full of life and their well-being back into balance.

After all, if we’ve traveled all the way to Thailand, we should go home with significant knowledge and enlightenment!  Some of our favorite ways to spa at to aChiva Som (sorry couldn’t resist):

-Fitness classes (many performed on the beach can’t you just hear the waves crashing?) including Body Control & Stretching by Candlelight and Thai boxing

-Spa Treatments like Watsu (underwater massage), Crystal Therapy to balance body chakras (energy), Signature Deep Hand Massage (perfect for us bloggers) and the volcanic foot massage.

-Holistic Therapies:  Including nutritional counseling and detox programs, but the star is Chi Nei Tsang – an abdominal massage unique to Thailand that detoxes and helps digestive issues.

Chi Nei Tsang

They even offer a Medical Spa where you can have Botox, Restylane and medical grade facials and body work.

This week we’ll cook up a few of Chiva Som’s award winning spa recipes like Marinated Sea Bass and Taro Cake, learn how to do DIY watsu (water massage), drench our hair and body with the Aloe Vera Intensive treatment and emulate the warm natural decor of the spa’s luxurious and colorful suites in our bedrooms.  But for now, enjoy this photo tour. *Images this week via Chiva Som

Volcanic Foot Treatment


Meditation in the Garden

Overlook the Gulf of Thailand from your Private Balcony

Tranquility awaits

Even the Spa Boutique is kitted out in Warm Woods

Crabmeat with Mango - YUM!

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