Hair, There, Everywhere #SpaWeekGossip Recap

21 Oct

Things got a bit “un”hairy this week – due to the amazing advice for follicle freedom from special guest expert @CompletelyBare Spa and our chatters. Bikini, legs, pits and face hair – beware!

Wax On, Wax Off. . . waxing is the number one way to smooth our beautiful selves. Advice from seasoned waxers to those a bit scared of the pain? Take Tylenol before waxing & don’t go when Flo’s visiting. @SpaWeek’s advice? Have a sip of vodka! Then reduce redness and inflammation with a cool compress.

The absolute worst way to lose it? Nair! Reeking chemicals are so anti-spa.

Most lemmed for spa stubble stopper? Laser hair removal though many are curious about threading too. Check out these Spa Shaving Alternatives

Need a spa or salon to get your smooth on? Faves:

@SalonThreading in NYC
BellePelle in San Francisco
Spa Bella in Wichita Falls
@WooNashville in Atlanta

Meanwhile war was waged over the top tweezer. @Tweezerman v. Rubis. What’s your preference? Vote!


#SpaHome hair removal heroines?

@CompletelyBare’s Bikini Bump Blaster
The Bliss Philips Hair Removal System
Rubis & Tweezerman tweezers (Over Pluckers Anonymous here we come!)
The Venus Razor especially the “Spa” edition
Veet is a winner here and in the UK

Next week join us for the first #SpaWeekGossip Halloween Masquerade Ball! We’ll be talking beauty treats. Plus, mask your twitter avatar for a chance to win a #spa treat! Share our invite with your friends!

Michelle (@SpaWeek) and Candy (@ArtoftheSpa)


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