SpaFlick Friday: Mamma Mia

8 Oct


With Sweetest Day next week, this week’s flick pays kudos to the Greek Goddess of sex and love, Aphrodite. In Mamma Mia an impending wedding turns into a tour de force when the bride to be invites her 3 possible dads.

First the breathtaking Greek island of Skopelos (where the movie was filmed) provides a virtual vacation (as do the catchy Abba tunes). Then Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried‘s characters drink water from a natural spring which legend says was Aphrodite’s elixir of youth and beauty.


Given that Aphrodite rose from the wave’s of the sea, how about a face mask that combines seaweed and Greek yogurt.

Blend 3 TBSP of seaweed powder (available at health food stores and Amazon) into 1/2 c. full fat Greek yogurt. Add 1 capsule Vitamin E. apply to face/hands relax for up to 30 minutes. Gorgeous skin!


Green Goddess Popcorn

Pop 3 oz of popcorn (1 bag of microwave popcorn), then blend the following spices and shake or stir into the popcorn. Dip into the non fat yogurt. Seriously try it. You’ll like it.

2 TBSP packed chopped fresh dill

2 TBSP packed chopped fresh basil

2 TBSP chopped green chives

1 TBSP chopped fresh mint

Hot pepper flakes to taste

Bowl of Greek yogurt for dipping

Live, Love and Lounge, Candy


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