Spa Electronica: High Tech Treats and Treats for Your Tech

27 Sep

Why does no one ever age on Star Trek? I like to think that they’ve invented some magic machine that whisks away wrinkles. Skin. . . the Final Frontier! And every day scientists around the world are using technology to move toward that.

In turn, tech seems to be taking over our lives. Ipads, phones, the computer you’re reading this on. . . why not give these necessities a spa makeover to make them more fun to use? AND technology is bringing us new & easy ways to create escape experiences in our SpaHomes.

Makeover your skin, your modem and your maison on this week’s #SpaWeekGossip as we share:

– The latest and greatest high tech spa treatments (and where to find them for $50 during Spa Week)
– How to separate the Hype from the Heavenly
– Jetson-esque dream spa machines
– Goodies to personalize & pamper your go to electronics
– Gadgets that get you glam in your #SpaHome

What: SpaWeek Daily  & Art of the Spa’s  #SpaWeekGossip

When: Wednesday, September 29th, 2 pm EST / 11 am PAC

Where: On Twitter with hashtag #SpaWeekGossip or
For easier chatting (hashtag entered automatically for you) tweet on: Tweetchat

Topic: Spa Electronica: High Tech Treats & Spa Treats for your Tech

Who: @spaweek @artofthespa & YOU!

Experts: tba

See you there!

Michelle (Spa Week Daily) & Candy (Art of the Spa)


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