Spa Flick Friday: I Spy

10 Sep


While an action comedy with Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy may seem an unlikely “spa” movie, and not the best acted either. I Spy’s “spa” appeal lies in one scene where a shoot out and chase ensues through a Hungarian spa.

This scene was filmed at the Gellert Spa Baths – one of the world’s largest mineral baths which gained fame in the 13th century.  It’s known not only for being huge, but also is decorated with ancient mosaics, sculptures, stained glass and scriptures.

What is odd about the clip, is the men lounging and having massages are seemingly undisturbed by gunfire and a gang of villains chasing two Americans.  C’mon guys, I relax during a massage and may even fall asleep, but I’d wake right up to this mass of madness!

Unrealistic reactions aside, the baths are gorgeous and provide a glimpse into Budapest one of the largest designated spa cities in the world.  So forget the acting and focus on the architecture and you’ll be loving it!

Spa Treat

Kneipp products, made in nearby Germany, are the creme de la creme of bath therapies and the product of choice in most Hungarian spas.  Highly aromatic (& I mean you feel like you’re actually in that lavender field) and softening, they don’t contain any unnatural ingredients.  Try Pure Bliss Bath which has Red Poppy & Hemp.  Hmm Opium & Marijuana?  Don’t smoke it, just bathe in it. . . ; )


Krumpli Langos – Fried Potato Cookies are a favorite Hungarian treat.  Enjoy in moderation though they are very carb rich.

Cook 2 lbs potatoes & mash.  Add 1 egg, salt to taste and enough flour to make a firm dough.  Knead the dough well.  Roll out 1/2 inch thick and cut into circles or fun shapes using cookie cutters.  Fry in hot oil, flipping to cook on both sides.

For a healthier variation, use sweet potatoes.

Live, Love & Lounge, Candy


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