Spa Etiquette: The Naked Truth Recap #SpaWeekGossip 9/8

9 Sep

This week we answered the perennial spa etiquette conundrums With guest experts @SpaHeiress @BrianSmithRocks @MarktheSpaMan @HankyPankyJD

Spa Week Daily premiered the smash hit music video: “I Get Naked at the Spa”

@SpaWeek and @ArtoftheSpa livestreamed spa treatments while exhibiting perfecto spa protocol for the benefit of Spa Manners everywhere.

Check out their treatments at these Spa Week Spas:
@SpaWeek’s Michelle at Spa Merge in NYC See the video
@ArtoftheSpa’s Candy at Yolanda Aguilar Beauty Institute in LA See the video

Meanwhile our gossipers became the Emily Posts of Spa – with advice and tricks to mind our P’s and Q’s for the ultimate spa experience. In case you had to miss it eavesdrop on some of the top tips:

@SpaBeauty: I think spa manners include consideration for the relaxation that others are attempting to receive. So keep voices down! 🙂

@SpaHeiress @dopeymouse05 ditto!

@deniselao @DSinAZ @skin2skincare @thespabuzz @LaDolceVitaInfo all love to Grin and Bare It

@MarktheSpaMan suggested robe wraps for more modest spagoers

@SpaHeiress Avoid a spa treatment? Never! I’ll go upside down and naked if that’s what it takes for great skin and body care!

@SpaBeauty: I’m always nervous about that.. RT @SpaWeek: From Dee my massage therapist: THEY DO NOT CARE IF YOUR LEGS AREN’T SHAVED!

@briansmithrocks: I Skinny dip in a whirlpool, bare all in the steam room, and never mind if I’m the only on in my birthday suit

@dopeymouse05: @SpaLook That’s really true. I’m trying to actually just say “Who cares?” and be comfortable with myself anyway.

@JessicaKelly210: All this talk is making me want to spa… I’m booking a Honey Body Polish right now to get rid of my dead skin from summer!

Now for the BIG Reveal – who won the Hanky Panky panties – for Apres Spa only! @kelliechio @mandyOregon @JessicaKelly210 Please email Michelle (at) Spaweekmedia (dot) com with your address for your prize!

See you next week (OMG It will be Spa Week then for West Coast and Chicago – Book now!),

Michelle @SpaWeek and Candy @ArtoftheSpa


2 Responses to “Spa Etiquette: The Naked Truth Recap #SpaWeekGossip 9/8”

  1. artofthespa September 16, 2010 at 5:47 am #

    You know it baby – it’s the only place where it’s not against the law.


  1. #SpaWeekGossip Twitter Parties | Spa Week Daily - September 15, 2010

    […] —–> Do you get naked at the spa? […]

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