Go to the Head of the Class – Back to Spa School #SpaWeekGossip Recap

2 Sep

Our spa students’ well manicured hands were raised high as the class tackled the “Spa” questions from teachers @SpaWeek and @ArtoftheSpa with their teacher’s aides – @carissarogers and @jeremymcc

And the report cards are in – check out the top of the class tweets AND the 6 Valedectorians (in pink) who get their caps & “gowns” cuddly (spa robes) early this year!

Homeroom – Spa Perfection Tips

@beth0603 must get to the spa early to relax. Running late kills all relaxation
@PlumSage Leave your worries at the door. Prepare to relax and enjoy
@dopeymouse05 My husband & I went together and had an amazing time

Math – How to Save on Spa & When to Splurge

@xtremelashes with groupon & of course @SpaWeek there are tons of spa deals. Book multi services at once to get a break
@ksceviour I have never been to a spa (try it during Spa Week perfect time & only $50)
@happyenchilada2 I spa when I’ve got the xtra cash so I guess I’m a Bonus Spa-er

Gym – Get Spa Fit

@markthespaman Cardio on the elliptical trainer! It’s best for the knees… #spaweekgossip don’t forget yoga and tai – chi!
@mmc67 I haven’t worked out at the spa I just like to relax there
@andrebergermd 7E treatments works your abs out for you

Social Studies – What does spa stand for?

@LLLsummer “spa” comes from the BElgian town of Spa, known since Roman times for its baths
@lifeonprint Emperor Nero said, “sanitas per aquas,” which means “health through waters” and gives us the acronym “spa
@tigpooh1516 “Spa” Salus Per Aquam meaning “health through water”

Chemistry – Concocting Potions

@mmc67 one egg, 1/2 cup cooked instant oatmeal ,teaspoon olive oil until smooth.leave 15 min then rinse.
@fashionoffice Add Spirulina to a mask. It’s a live #Superfood & it works miracles on the skin. Must be fresh.
@LLLsummer I love lavender scents they make you sleepy

Home EcDIY Spa Time

@pontowd my nieces come over and we do hair and nails. . we have so much fun
@lifeonprint oh yes! margaritas are always good!
@jeremymcc Paraffin treatments are great for home spa parties

Thanks so much to all our brainiac partygoers.

See ya next week,

Michelle (Spa Week Daily) and Candy (Art of the Spa)


3 Responses to “Go to the Head of the Class – Back to Spa School #SpaWeekGossip Recap”

  1. lifeonprint September 2, 2010 at 6:11 pm #

    yayness!!! Thank you so much!

    • artofthespa September 16, 2010 at 5:47 am #

      Did you get your #spaweekgossip prize? Was it super soft?


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