The SpaHome Secret Weapon: The Birth of the “Me” Nook

25 Aug

Barbie sheets draped over my Mom’s best sofa & chair. Me underneath, with a flashlight and a Nancy Drew (I inhaled them like Candy, pun intended). If I wasn’t there, chances are my folks would find me sequestered in the attic plotting my fashion empire.

Fast forward. Enter dogs, cats, bffs, hubbies, partners. The “m” in Me Time, always flips to “w”. But that yearning for private space, still pokes us. . . though we usually ignore it. Time for ourselves let alone a retreat? What’s that?

My first grown up go to getaway was triggered by my live in boyfriend. No money to go to the spa, but sometimes I craved solitude. I tried meditation but frankly my mind wouldn’t cooperate.

Then a Homegoods shopping trip turned inspiring when I spotted a mosquito net bed canopy. “hmm” That mosquito net – hung from the ceiling over a chair in my bedroom – transformed that spot into my retreat.

At first, I’d hang out there for a few minutes then longer & longer. The boyfriend nicknamed it the Peace Palace, and he respected my privacy. Simply looking at it sent me into Buddha brain. If I had a supercrazed day, I would comfort myself there.

BONUS: Tuning out daily is an awesome way to eject health harming & aging stress out the door.  Cortisol Queen?  Not!  Give us the Tranquility Tiara!

Craving a little Nook”ie” of your own?  The ideal MN has three components:

1. Comfy seating
2. A Barrier
3. A designated spot – key

Your own Zen Den can be as simple my first one. Check out the collage below for style ideas.


While we’re back in the attic fashioning Me Nooks for every room in your home. . . find a spot for your retreat. BE SURE TO COMMENT & let us know where you choose.

eero aarnio ball chair
$6,860 –

Lulu Chair – Arboretum Green
$448 –

Sheepskin Pouf | west elm
$349 –

Coyote Butterfly Chair Set
$128 –

Regina Floor Pillow
$95 –

Pom Pom Throw from West Elm
$59 –

Trading Phrases | Wall Decals | Relax
$20 –

Mombasa Feather Net Canopy
$18 –

Live, love and lounge, Candy


2 Responses to “The SpaHome Secret Weapon: The Birth of the “Me” Nook”

  1. Norbridge August 25, 2010 at 10:58 pm #

    Your post makes me dream of finding a place to relax. Thank you.

    • artofthespa August 25, 2010 at 11:29 pm #

      You can do it. FInd a spot & let us know where it is. Think how much fun it will be kitting it out. So awesome of you to comment thanks so much for enjoying ; ) Candy

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