The Zen Den: Spa Secrets to Buddha Bliss – #SpaWeekGossip 8/25

23 Aug

Do you feel like the Queen of Chaos?  God bless this . . . stress?  NOT!  Step into the Zen Den my dear. . . we’re giving that cortisol creator the boot to make room for Miss Bliss.  Because at the spa – it’s all about ahhhhhhhh.

Kick off your shoes, uncork the champagne and gather your gals and join the #SpaWeekGossip girls as we gab about creating peace from chaos & spa secrets to find your inner Buddha.  We’ll chillax with:

– The most relaxing spa treatments on the planet & our “B” (bliss!) spots  (many available at Spa Week – booking now in Chicago & on the West Coast)

– Pro decompression do’s like getting REM quality zzzz’s and how to make your next spa day the most soothing ever.

– Peace perks – music, fragrance and tricks to bring on the nirvana wherever you are.

– Our personal Zen Dens!  How we unwind at the end of the day.  Om Zone retreats without going on vacay.

Art of the Spa will unveil her signature technique for blissing out in your abode.

What: SpaWeek Daily & Art of the Spa’s #SpaWeekGossip

When: Wednesday, August 25th, 2 pm EST / 11 am PAC

Where: On Twitter with hashtag #SpaWeekGossip or

For easier chatting (hashtag entered automatically for you) tweet on either:


Topic: The Zen Den – Spa Secrets to Buddha Bliss
Who: @spaweek @artofthespa @dailygrommet @hostesstori &  YOU!

1,2,3. . . Relax!

Michelle (SpaWeek Daily) & Candy (Art of the Spa)


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