Spa Flick Friday: Last Holiday

20 Aug


We’d  hate to think it would take a terminal illness to get one to the spa, but in Last Holiday Queen Latifah gets her spa on after she’s diagnosed with such an illness.   Don’t worry though, this is a Girl’s Night Comedic Galavant if there ever was one.

It might as well be called Czech Holiday because the breathtaking scenery & decor of The Grand Hotel Pupp Resort & Spa in Czech Republic rival Queen Latifah’s performance.  Ironically Grand Hotel Pupp  also hosts the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

Spa scenes are interwoven throughout, providing eye candy and cleverly, comic relief.  For instance, Queen Latifah offers to buy her stuffy concierge a Colon Cleanse.

Spa Treat

Grand Hotel Pupp is known for balneotherapy – literally the treatment of disease by bathing/treatments in mineral rich water, including mud baths.  It can help treat fibromyalgia, arthritis, sports injuries & depression.

Muddy the Waters Mud Bath. Stop! put that mudpie down!  Czech Organic Moor Mud, imported by Torf – (the company that supplies mud used in mud treatments at spas worldwide) makes having a mud bath at home as easier as ordering a tube of mud & dissolving it in the tub.

Don’t let the low price fool you, if it’s good enough for the Canyon Ranch Resort it’s good enough for you.  Just follow the directions on the tube (plus it’s plumbing proof & safely dissolves).  How about that a $50 plus treatment for $15!

Live, Love & Lounge  Candy


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