Recap: Rant & Rave: Spin the Spa Trend

19 Aug

The second #SpaWeekGossip was your chance to rate Spa Week’s Fall 2010 Spa Trends but. . . we mostly raved. Bashful about your bikini? Bordering on Botox? But had to miss the party?

Review & revel in our scorecard recap (and book these treats at West Coast & Chicago Spa Week spas now before the appointments are gone!)

1. Allergy Therapies like Breathe Easy Facials, Sinus Massage & Eucalyptus Steams

RAVE! The Endermolift at Smooth Synergy Spa in NYC de-puffed a Spa Week Daily staffer’s allergy eyes and Sinus Massage helped clear our stuffy heads.

2. Lunchtime Botox

TIE! The needlephobes wavered but wrinkles beware as most partygoers said “Botox?, I’m so there.” Including a walk-in Botox brow lift Needleless Botox was deemed bogus compared to the real thing. Though Art of the Spa still prefers her Frownies

3. Sleeping Therapy & Napping During Treatments

SUPER-RAVE! Naptime anyone? Getting some zzzzz’s during facials, massages and more is on everyone’s love list. Spas are even designing treatments to lull us into slumber like the Meditation Calmquest at Westin Kierland – just $50 during Spa Week. Caveat: No snoring allowed.

4. Lash Extensions

TIE! The lash challenged long for these, though one partier thought they may look “crazy”. @StephinToronto suggests doing extensions before a holiday for low fuss flirtyness. Those blessed with lengthy fringe – wished for lash dye & perms to make a comeback.

5. Beautifying your lady parts w/down-there facials & Vatooing

RAVE! Do you Vattoo? Yes please! Vajazzled and Vatooed we’re more bikini confident! Check out @michellejoni having a “Bikini/Bum Facial” live Art of the Spa suggested prettying privates at home with Betty Beauty dye in fun colors like hot pink.

6. Losing inches in a wink

UBER CRAVES! Colon hydrotherapy, ionithermie if it tightens & tones we are in! Check out how @andrebergermd helped @ladyshark66 lose a few inches.

7. Reiki & 8. Acupuncture

TWO THUMBS UP! Proving the practical side of spa, these treats soothe and heal injuries, calm our nerves and soothe our souls. And acupuncture is also an effective face lifter, no need to be nervous about the needles! If you don’t have time to Reiki at the spa try a self guided version.

9. Seaweed Scrubs, Wraps & Facials

RAVE! Spa treats from the sea we want -more please. So much that we often seek out ANY service that includes this ocean potion. @SpaWeek has loads of lit re treats.

10. Hot & Cold Stone Massage

SPAWEEK IT!    @mychicagosalon recommend H&C massages for detoxing. Our Super Spagoers all want to SpaWeek this one! Great spas like Mezzanine in NYC will offer it during Spa Week.

11. Champissage/scalp massage

RAVE! Though champissage began as a family grooming ritual (Hey Mom are you reading this?) it’s our most longed for massage body part. Heads up! For a scalp tingling experience at home, @ArtoftheSpa suggested Head Trip by The Happy Company.

12. Spa Oxygen facials & Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy

TIE! While some of us think Oxygen Facials are fantastic some gave it the side eye.
What else could we clamor for? An integrative approach to spa treatments that addresses our health and the long-term. RAVE!

SpaWeek Daily (Michelle) and Art of the Spa (Candy)


2 Responses to “Recap: Rant & Rave: Spin the Spa Trend”

  1. Michelle Joni August 20, 2010 at 6:37 pm #

    this was WAY too much fun. who knew i’d love twitter parties so much? Certainly not i.


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    […] —> The Spa Scorecard […]

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