Owly Oasis – Wise Finds to Feather Your Nest

18 Aug

Who knows better than a wise owl how to feather the ultimate nest?  Especially Owly from Hootsuite he’s been flying around at night & hooting my ear off about:

Hate the hard feel, not to mention the heat of your coffee cup? Warm up your Cafe and keep your hands happy with the Cupcoat from Bright and Bold

Who better to design barware than a DJ? Sagaform ice buckets, martini shakers and more put a Spa spin on your cocktails at Unica Home

Check out these exquisite stove hoods made from Greek artifacts by Phoenician Stone. Zeus would approve!

If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Not a very spa like attitude, but now your kitchen can be anywhere you are. Wave of the future? We think moving around instead of standing at a counter is a more fun & active way to cook. Portable Carre kitchen concept designed by students for the Berlin Design Festival via DesignBoom

The Battersea Sofette is the closest thing you’ll ever get to swimming in butterscotch pudding. Ubersoft leather and brilliant lines make it comfy and beautiful. And double bonus, no pesky cushions to arrange and clean under. From Anthropologie

The Westin Heavenly Bed I’ve been sleeping on this the past month (living at a Westin) and have had some of the best zzzzz’s ever!

Live, Love and Lounge, Candy


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