HGTV Design Star Folly to Fab: Corkscrew Inspired Kitchen

3 Aug

Corkscrew vibe hardware from Bellacore

On HGTV’s Design Star Sunday night Alex chose a corkscrew for his design inspiration for the Sears Kenmore shoot project.  Despite everyone else’s astonishment at this pick – I thought it was rather ingenious – until he decided that it’s utilitarian function would be reflected in the appliance – uh boring.  So what would I have done?  Here are some ways I think a corkscrew could inspire beauty, comfort & ambiance in a SpaHome Kitchen:

Multi-Colors of Cork flooring Define the Eating Area

1.  The obvious choice here would have been the floor.  Cork flooring is not only ecofriendly (which we love), but softer on the knees and joints than hardwood, warmer and comfier on the feet and comes in various grades & price ranges.  Check out this beautiful example from DuroDesign

2.  Another route would have been to go with the shape of corkscrew.  I don’t know about you but the centerpiece of a corkscrew is the, um, screw.  It’s flowing spiral twisty shape makes me think of fun & frivolity.  Like corkscrew pasta.  This could have been translated in the:

a.  Cabinet hardware

Pulls & knobs come in a huge variety of shapes. Here are two that would have put off that corkscrew vibe.  A twisted knob by Bellacor and a piece from Atlas Homewares Scroll collection.

Scroll hardware from Atlas

b.  Faucet

Spiral faucets combine beauty & function.  The Krause Spiral Faucet pulls out of it’s faucet and swivels 360 degrees.  Awesome for easy cleaning.  Would have been a must have here for me adding texture to the photo.

How would a corkscrew have inspired your Design Star kitchen?  Let us know in the comments.

Live, love & lounge, Candy


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