SpaHome Tweetchat Design Series Launches

23 Jul

Over 100 twitterers, including top kitchen designers & foodies, joined the fun as we held our inaugural SpaHome tweetchat. Every month, we’ll get together to talk how to design our homes & lives for relaxation, beauty & style designed around a specific room in the house.

And we started with the Kitchen! Designed to tantalize & inviting us to linger are hallmarks of a SpaHome Kitchen and we dished w/expert designers and foodies on how they create their perfect kitchen.

Had to miss it? No worries – view the entire transcript – there were so many amazing tips & tricks for creating & caring for the ultimate “spa” food room you won’t want to miss a word.

Some highlights of what we wish for & ways for obtaining that low stress soothing kitchen:

– Great kitchens provide the ability to cook & entertain at once @savvyhost @cnaes, have lots of storage & counterspace @MrGuilt, & wide open spaces @cozifamily and room for friends to gather.

Where @ecomod keeps appliances

– @cupboards reminded us that designing a kitchen for entertaining is a balance of stations the classic triangle goes by the wayside.

– Islands are people magnets – though seating is a bit tricky. @cupboards suggested backless stools that are easily moved around. @lolamichele has a peninsula to connect kitchen & living area.

– The top cookware? Le Creuset in it’s technicolor glory such as onyx, lime, lemongrass and cobalt. It just makes us happy to cook in such beautiful vessels.

– Great tip from @thevcollective – add a piece of wood over your island range to convert it to a buffet serving area.

– Dream ingredients: Wine storage, seating for up to 8 & double ovens are highly desired as well as 2 dishwashers @noirblancdesign; as well as a personal chef like Mario Batali

– @williamssonoma @mellanhead @luckygirlamy want an outdoor kitchen – in the summer it’s a great way to get outside & not heat up the house w/meal prep

F. Paykel double drawer dishwasher

– @abcddesigns recommended the FisherPaykel dishwasher  Drawer dishwashers are definitely high on the priority list

– Many kitchen chores are retreats @trelost said that washing stemware is zen & several folks loved prepping veggies

– Often used items should be stored low – make top cupboards into curios like @cnaes

@thedailybasics Susan Serra CKD designed kitchen

– Fun idea: Chalkboard kitchen backsplash from @condoblues

– We need to cut down on the amount of glassware & plates we have to add storage

– To choose a paint color you’ll love check out your fave clothing colors

– Awesome way to create a bar from @vinoluci Remove bifold doors retrofit w/cabinets

– Fave kitchen colors, burnt orange, terracotta, chartreuse, black & white, mustard

– Top resources for kitchen hardware anthropologie, architect. salvage yards

– @ecomod recommends mixing cabinet door styles

– Granite care @countertoplady mild dishsoap and water with a clean, white cloth work the best and black granite is hardest to keep looking good

– The Miele built in hot beverage center is the coffee maker of choice

– Heated debate about carpet in the kitchen. I myself love area carpets to soothe my feet –

– For it’s comfort, eco friendliness and warm tones – cork flooring gets the SpaKitchen award, but for looks everyone loves slate and bamboo gets runner up!

It turns out there’s so much to discuss about designing the perfect Spa Kitchen that our August SpaHome chat will continue in the kitchen, join our Facebook Lounge on the sidebar  to register for our notification list.
Live Love & Lounge, Candy


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