Spa”Kitchen” Flick Friday

16 Jul

In honor of the upcoming launch of the SpaHome tweetchat series SpaKitchen – we’ve devoted this SpaFlick Friday to SpaKitchen worthy movie kitchens. We found so many awesome designers professing their movie kitchen love we decided to share those plus our own.  Rent these movies to whet your design palate:

Something’s Gotta Give seems to be the film lover’s kitchen of choice.

Relaxing in Somethings Gotta Give inspired kitchen

Check out this family who remodeled their Hamptons beach house kitchen around the film’s from Washington Post

Pic From Everything Fabulous

Everything Fabulous has amazing pics of the kitchen and the entire house. Especially love her comment about unwinding here.

In The Land of the Women from Shelterrific

In the Land of the Women Pic from Shelterrific

Thelma Adams the film critic from US Weekly weighs in on her top pick and gives DIY selections for paint, counters (carrera marble a fave of mine) and cabinets.

Practical Magic from Attic Mag

Practical Magic's magical kitchen Pic from AtticMag

Set designers Robin Standefer & Stephen Alesch describe the kitchen which is the most used room on the set, as light, utopian & jovial. Action revolves around the Aga cooker no doubt symbolic of the witche’s caldron. Cream Ann Sacks tile also plays a role.

Kitchen Stories, Spa Around the World

Or how about a movie set in a kitchen?  For the anti #SpaKitchen try Kitchen Stories where characters collide in a clinical Swedish kitchen – an efficiency expert tries to streamline a farmer’s culinary efforts.

SpaKitchen Wishes & look forward to seeing you at SpaKitchen, Candy

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