SpaHome Kitchen Elements – Curves

15 Jul

Porthole Passthrough adds Light & Space to both rooms

Not to throw you a “curve”ball, but does your kitchen get a”round”?  Circular shapes are easy on the eye (and body when you’re a klutz like me who tends to bump into things!)  So, our fave SpaKitchen round up had to include these two foodie rooms that throw typical kitchen designs for a loop.   Bonus:  less sharp edges makes the kitchen more kid friendly.

The porthole window above joins the kitchen with the living space & though it looks into a decidedly square space – it’s a super example of how one circular element with a the marine influence immediately transports us to thoughts of soothing waves & water.

The gracious kitchen below exudes glamour yet is family friendly.  The arch above the range,  semi-moon seating bench and even the flowers partner with a cheerful yellow give a sunny, happy feel.  The bench performs triple duty as book storage, sitting and countertop/bar area.  Smart space for sure.

For Your SpaHome Kitchen

Though the above incorporate curves in architectural elements that require more time and effort than most of us have these days – you can get a”round” this by bringing circular/oval accessories. Consider:

  • Lighting fixtures

  • Tables & chairs

  • Vases

  • Linens/table accessories like placemats and plate chargers like this shell covered beauty from  Crate and Barrel.

See more Curvy Kitchen ideas at Better Homes & Gardens Kitchen Ideas the source for these pics.

Spa wishes & see you at the SpaKitchen Tweetchat event on Monday, Candy


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