Spa TravelTuesday: Jaws Goes to the Spa

22 Jun

Okay, yes I know a shark is probably the least relaxing thing you know of – but in honor of today being the 35th anniversary of the movie Jaws – I thought it would be fun to take you on a trip to the Jamahkiri Boutique Resort & Spa located on Shark Bay in Koh Tao, Thailand.

The resort’s spa is built around a natural rock formation – So a sweat in the steam room, which abuts the exposed stone, is definitely in order. Then how about a Thai massage where therapists put their foot into it?

Bring it #SpaHome

A few ways to bring the ambiance of Jamahkiri to your home:

– Build around & expose existing land features to bring nature into the home & garden.

– Incorporate large statement pieces like the urn below for a historical vibe.

Path to the Spa

– Go Red! Rich tomato reds are used throughout the resort.  Even in the treatment rooms, where one wall is usually painted red.  Try Vermilion from Benjamin Moore.

– Incorporate dark wood like mahogany with your furniture or a wall of shelves as in the treatment room above – use sparingly so not to create a cavelike effect.

– Use sheer fabrics to section off large spaces (see above pic for red & mustard sheers in the spa’s treatment room)

– Fragrance your room with Coconut Lime (a Thai favorite blend).  Try this diffuser from Hush instead of candles for low maintenance scents.

PS:  Don’t you think Jaws is ripe for a remake?  We could give it a spa twist – therapists using shark products in treatments & the shark is out for revenge!  Wouldn’t this be an awesome juxtaposition!

Spa wishes, Candy


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