SpaFlick Friday: The Spalicious Iron Man 2

4 Jun


This week I’m recommending a film that’s still in theaters: Iron Man 2. Despite the presence of a super skiinny Gwyneth & Scarlett, I loved this movie & it turns out that our Iron Man Tony Stark is actually a #spahome fan.  Not to mention that this movie is an energizing escape.

Watch closely for the sauna & steamrooms in his lair – though doesn’t water make an iron man rust? Additionally, the house set is designed w/a cool zen feel. This is due somewhat to the lack of personal effects, but the floor to ceiling wall of water totally makes it spa worthy.   Also, note the taupe and chocolate brown color scheme with a kick of orange for energy & the yin/yang balance of square to round objects.

Wall of Water

Spa Treat

Have an “Iron Man”icure after the movie


Popcorn, hold the butter and Dark Chocolate Raisinets highest iron theater snack


Mineral Water

Spa wishes, Candy


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