Spa Flick Friday: Casanova

28 May

Well, I seriously don’t think a gal needs any reason to watch a movie with the late Heath Ledger in it, but I’ll give ya one anyway for this week’s Spa Flick:  Casanova


He was the world’s most notorious seducer. A swashbuckler, master of disguise and wit – it was said no woman could resist Casanova’s amorous charms.  But this film leaves the adulturous Casanova there, instead it’s more Casanova meets his Match!  Watch for the “spa treatment” given to the lard merchant – let’s just say he gets a taste of his own medicine!

Yes Casanova really falls in love & this is a feel good film in the first degree. . . and the eyecandy doesn’t stop at Heath – the costumes & sets will take you to Venice!  Highly recommend it if you need a quick pick me up. . . unless you’ve just had a romantic calamity!


What better cocktail for Casanova than X-Rated Fusion Liqueur The pomegranate in it is an aphrodesiac.  Mix with sparkling water for a lighter drink.


Since the film is set in Venice, how about Pizza Popcorn?  Pop your regular brand then add italian spices like basil, parsley, garlic butter & oregano.


Olive oil is a top Italian beauty secret.  Not only do the women eat it, but they also use it in spa treatments.  During the film, put pure olive oil on your feet and wrap in Saran Wrap.  Have a bowl of water large enough to rinse a foot & epsom salts next to you.  At the end of the movie, remove the wrap & scrub feet with epsom salts while rinsing in the water.

Spa wishes, Candy

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