The Spalicious Style of: Rosey Toes

26 May

Rosey Toes is on Balboa Island in Newport Beach, California.  One day when I was walking round the island, I noticed this adorable white and black striped awning – reminiscent of an old school ice cream parlour.  When I found it was a salon devoted “sole”ly to tips and toes I couldn’t resist making an appointment.

Just like an ice cream parlour, Rosey Toes offers flavors but instead of ice cream, they are served up as manis or pedis.  Latte, Brazilian Nut, Peppermint and Spring Fling are among the decadences you can choose to treat your feet or hands.  They change seasonally to tempt you back – as if the fun & friendly gals there & supershiny nails & skin wouldn’t!

Rosey Toes is the top floor of a beach bungalow the space itself is small.  Other than the semi-circular awning you’d never even know it existed.  The entrance is a side door which opens to a rickety stairway. . . but the powderpuff pink walls and chandelier foretell the adorableness that awaits inside!

The dollhouse meets mod vibe was so strong I half expected a giant child to peer in the windows!  The squarish white leather armchairs & sofa and the focal point a beamed ceiling with alternating black and white patterned wallpaper provide the perfect foil keeping it from being tooo girlie.  Love the personal feel – no “salon” pedicure tubs here.  The girls actually bring you a silvery bowl filled with milky water topped with rose petals to soak your tootsies.

The hot pink rug adds warmth & the display shelves (wooden black beams mimicking the ceiling beams) visually tie the room to the ceiling.  Pedestal glass jars filled with biscuits & a warm cup of Rosy Toes branded tea completes the experience.

In the bathroom, they cleverly mounted a black wooden wine rack horizontally filled with rolled hand towels for guests to use – then put in the hamper.  Great idea if you entertain often.

Spa to Home

While not every space could carry off the warm pink color scheme, it would be perfect for a tiny bathroom, a dressing room or the interior of a walk in closet. Would the beam like shelves not make fun shoe displays?  Or you could replace the pink with another fun color like periwinkle or lemon.  To echo the modern dollhouse theme, hang glass or crystal chandeliers and keep your furniture clean and simple like the square ottomans & chairs at Rosey Toes.

Spa Wishes, Candy


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