Belly up to the Beauty Buffet!

26 May

A few weeks ago one of my twitter pals, Anne Marie from the design blog 10rooms, tweeted at me for ideas for her daughter’s spa themed birthday party. Of course, when anyone asks me anything like this I get so excited I can’t turn my brain off.  At first, I thought of a few DIY treatments she could mix up for the girls.

Love the VIP passes! Could also double as invites!

But, I was inspired by the Smoothie Bar we do at our New Year’s Resolution Bowl.  We lay out a bunch of ingredients in bowls, pretty glasses (even vases) and let everyone create their own smoothie.  I thought why not do a Beauty Buffet the same way. . . labeling each ingredient and including some recommended combos.  Some buffet selections to get you started:

– Honey (detoxifying)

– Powdered Milk (exfoliating)

– Oatmeal (moisturizing)

– Egg White (tightening)

– Aloe Vera Juice (moisturizing)

– Sea Salt (to make hand scrubs)

– Flower petals (to pretty it up)

– Yogurt (moisturizing)

– You could even have a few essential oils – only 2 to 3 drops needed to fragrance each bowl

To dish it out and make for minimum mess:  give each girl a bowl to mix her concoction & an inexpensive paint brush (ribbons tied on the handles could be festive) to apply.  Check out these funky foodie beauty ideas we brainstormed during a recent tweetchat

Anne Marie's Beauty Buffet Green & White so Refreshing

To my delight, Anne Marie took my suggestion, giving each spagoer a bowl w/yogurt as a base to add to. You can read all about the sParty on Anne Marie’s blog post.  I particularly love the VIP passes she gave each girl & that she used a lemon theme.  It looked like a great party, thanks so much for inviting me Anne Marie & Happy Birthday to your daughter.

Do you have any spa party questions, favorite ideas or stories you’d like to share?  Bring them & comment away – I know we’d all love to hear them.

Spa wishes, Candy


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