From Earth Day to Spa Day: Home Design Picks from HGTV’s Ecothon

26 Apr

HGTV is a channel many of us watch thinking “I’m going to do that”. But after the show is over, cooking, cleaning and caring for our families tends to usurp our intentions. That’s why when I heard that HGTV was having a Eco Design marathon, I decided to watch & record ideas that suit the SpaHome lifestyle.

Green design saves money, protects our planet & strengthens our connection with the world’s beauty. Hmm, balance, tranquility & beauty, if that doesn’t spell SpaHome design I don’t know what does.  My fave finds from HGTV’s Earth Day celebration:

* Sources included are my preference. Be sure to check out HGTV’s website for project how tos and more resources.

– Use an old windowpane to build shelves using the panes as guides
– Wall mirrors are outdated. In your bathroom, re use your wall mirror by removing, cutting to the size of a picture frame & hang
– Give your house number and house a personalized artsy feel. Try a number made out of an old detour sign. Check them out at Eco-artware
– Repurpose light fixtures. Try taking your old chandelier & moving it to the front porch. Saves from going to land fill & dresses up outside spots.

Revive your home w/soothing spa soft carpet

– Used carpeting sounds yuck. . . but anso carpet has recycled fibers for earth friendly feet coddling. I love the leaves & animal print designs at Shaw Floors

– Fences transform back gardens into private sanctuaries. But fencing can be pricey – try using old flooring as a fence
– Compressed paper countertops (made from recycled paper) sealed w/resin are as durable as granite. Richlite is a good choice.
– I think I’ve found my dream alternative to granite! Jewel like glass terrazzo countertops are inspiring, coming in loads of bright colors made from recycled goods like vodka bottles. Cheers to that! Vetrazzo has loads of candy colored & neutral patterns

Green Bistro Countertop from Vetrazzo sparkles like emeralds!

– Choose drapery fabrics to reduce heating/cooling costs. For instance, a blackout lining keeps rooms cool in summer. Find it at Fabric website
– Mulch made from car tires is an earth friendly alternative to regular mulch and lasts longer International Mulch will even send you free samples
– Turn an old bed into a porch swing – I love this swinging bed on etsy
– Saving money is definitely de-stressing and rain barrels are a simple way to cut your water bills. They collect rain water which can be used for watering the plants. Home Depot has them.
– Another “flexible” and soft surface for your garden – recycled rubber pavers – probably the comfiest alternative to concrete ever. Find them here
– Looking for a fireplace? Try one that burns ethanol gas instead of electric or wood-burning. Eco-Smart Fire has the best range

Eco Fireplace No Chimney Required!

– Mold is anti-spa for sure. Using waterproofing membrane in bathroom repels mold and provides antimicrobial protection for those long bubble baths. Try Laticrete.
– Bring the outdoors in: turn a tree trunk into a lamp with a lamp kit available at any crafts store
– Branches like birch make striking accents for instance shelf brackets
– In HGTV’s green home, old stacks of magazines are transformed into a whimsical mirror frame. Check out this square version

– An energy saving kitchen idea: Induction cooking uses magnetic forces to heat metal pans without electricity & it’s faster than usual stoves. Quicker veggies and rice – Spa Cuisine anyone?

I was so inspired from HGTV’s ecothon I created a few EcoDesign spastyle tips. Join me in a few days for part 2 of the Ecothon where I reveal my EcoSpaHome ideas. April is Earth Month you know.

Spa wishes, Candy

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  1. Home Interior Decor May 5, 2010 at 7:58 pm #

    I love your post on From Earth Day to Spa Day: Home Design Picks from HGTV’s Ecothon

    What I truly like is your tips regarding Mold is anti-spa for sure.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of your great postings.


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