Amazing Race to the Spa: Seychelles

29 Mar

Our intrepid racers got to check out the Seychelles – though hardly any of them could pronounce it. Repeat after me. . Say-shells NOT Say-chilies! The detour choices both involved animal & fruit combos. . .turtles w/bananas or oxes w/coconuts. Several racers had coconut troubles and had to redo the detour.  The roadblock was a bit cinchy, diving for a clue in a bottle – but wow that boat ride looked slick.

Steve and Allie came in first and Seven Up decided to Uplift them by giving them massages. I’m glad someone’s listening to us here at SATW!   Jet and Cord were last BUT got a reprieve as this was a non elimination round.

But hey, we won’t let some soda steal our thunder. Massages on the beach are fab, but our pick for the spa to send the racers to this week is the Maia Luxury Resort and Spa!

On the southwest coast of Maha, this spa and luxury resort may just have lured racers off task . . . if they had known this Shangri La existed. The website alone is enough to make you quit work and jump on a plane.

Maia’s outdoor spa features beauty treatments, meditation and yoga in a lush tropical getaway. The state of the art gym offers weights and cardio equipment plus a Kinesis Wall. Never heard of Kinesis Walls? One of the coolest new workout enhancers – it’s a system of pulleys attached to a wall where you perform unique movements. Check it out in action here. Personalized service is a hallmark of the Maia experience with custom workout and wellbeing programs available. Or how about a personal yoga session in your villa?

More on the Spa Experience
Set within the tranquillity of Maia’s granitic rock gardens, rich with the dulcet tones of birdsong, Maia’s Balinese-style Spa offers world-class therapy and beauty treatments using La Prairie products. There are three individual, totally private (120m2) open-air pavilions, each with their own gardens, changing rooms and showers, and each separated by natural rock formations. Highly trained staff can guide you through accompanied yoga, self-Shiatsu and Qi Gong sessions. A new fitness centre provides the latest “Excite” equipment and a Kinesis wall. Privately trained therapists offer intuitive massages and an assortment of packages. including special Kids Only treatments such as the banana leaf wrap with hydrating gel for sunburn.

And the food. . . typical dishes include:

Lobster Sage Salad with asparagus and peach ravioli
Grilled Sea Bass with Wasabi and Asparagus Tempura
Cherry Gazpacho with Goat’s Cheese


So see you there?
Spa wishes, Candy


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