Food Fatale: Beauty Eats & Spa Treats Recap

23 Mar

What a party we had!  Hundred of tweeters joined in the fun as the gregarious gourmets from Cooking with Caitlin presented their weekly Foodies Night In #fni on Twitter Mondays from 4-6 pm EST.  As this week’s sponsor, we combined our favorite things food, spa & beauty for a fab topic!

Tweetchats are fun places to answer questions, meet new tweeple, and share comraderie, but I am delighted most by the amazing things I learn.  Some of the beauty ideas, foods and opinions on getting home spa time were enlightening and (a few) were downright shocking!  See the soda that’s a toilet bowl cleaner!   Synopsis of the beauty/spa topics below.

A Foodies Night In wouldn’t be complete without lots of delicious recipes (to eat).  So be sure to check out Cooking with Caitlin’s list of healthy culinary delights shared last night.

Are there any foods that serve double-duty for you (you use topically, or clean with them)?

–  Lemon juice gets rid of sticky label residue  via @artofthespa

– Toothpaste overnight will dry up a blemish

–  More food used to clean here – via @realsimple

–  Olive Oil works as a hair moisturizer

–  Mayonnaise is repulsive to most to use as a beauty treatment

–  Use white vinegar as a fabric softener

–  Honey & yogurt alone or together make a moisturizing face mask

–  Egg white for an uplifting face mask!

–  Baking soda cleans barware and stuck on grease via @happyherbivore

–  Chamomile tea cures infections like pinkeye & as a bath for kids via @artsnob

–  1/4 c coke + 1/2 c water as a toilet cleaner via @commkel

Do you have any home beauty treatments made from food?  Share recipes? Any foods you’d NEVER put on your body?

–  I love over-sized bowl glasses for cabernet used as a steam facial vehicle via @NatalieMacLean

–  Coconut oil on elbows and other dry skin and cucumber on eyes

–  Rosemary oil on pimples

–  To increase the efficacy of home spa treatments place a warm or cold damp washcloth of the treatment area or melted paraffin

–  Blend brown sugar into olive oil for a moisturizing body scrub or as a pre- sunless tanner exfoliator  via @lindsey_kanis

–  White vinegar on hands to fade age spots via @SouthrnFriedGal

Do you eat anything you don’t necessarily like because it makes you (hair, skin, nails) look good?

Some of the goodies our tweeters now eat but didn’t used to for health and beauty are:


Water (perhaps why this fruit water infusion recipe is so popular

(It turns out a LOT of people HATE water!)  Luckily tweeters were up to the challenge with great tips for drinking more water like:

@blogwelldone Who was it that didn’t like water? Start off with 1 glass before the soda. Drink it fast and reward yourself.

– Several folks bought the Soda Machine from SodaClubUsa

– Another tip drink more liquids in general

Green tea

Brussel Sprouts – apparently they bust free radicals via @shelly_d – Who knew?

Raw Garlic (for colds) medical study:

Ginseng in soup to stave off a cold

Any food-related myths you’ve always believed that you can now confirm as true or altogether debunk?

– I once thought oils were healthy but now don’t use them at all – use water, broth or applesauce instead  via @happyherbivore

– Chocolate breaks you out

– Needing a lot of protein, needing meat/dairy/eggs, that oils are healthy foods that all carbs are bad

Do you follow a special diet before a special event?  Any special drink concoctions?  Share recipes?

–  Carbo load before big athletic events with oatmeal

–  Many expressed they didn’t have the willpower to eat differently for an event

–  @shelly_d and @athleticfoodie try to each 60/40 protein/carb before swim meets

What foods affect your appearance adversely (hot food=red face, chocolate=breakout)?

–  Some found cutting dairy healed their acne others not so much.

–  Drinking alcohol turned some faces red – literally!

–  Salt bloated everyone!

–  Cutting gluten = weight loss, fewer headaches & cured IBS

What is the craziest food you have ever put on your face or body in the interest of beauty?

–  Mayo in my hair – gross and didn’t beat frizz  via @happyherbivore & @cookingwithanne

–  Putting onion on a bruise to stop swelling and purple  via @shelly_d

–  Powdered jello in a foot bath to moisturize  via @artofthespa

–  Another crazy use for jello – a temporary hair color!  via @girlfriendology

When you want to create a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere at home, what do you do?  What do you eat/drink?

–  @happyherbivore said a clean house, bubble bath & strawberries!

–  @cookingwithcaitlin said A super hot bath and a big bowl of ice cream

–  @shelly_d ask me in a few years when I don’t have 4 kids in a small house! and @cookingwithAnne agreed she says I can barely breathe let alone relax

–  @coleimperi said Yoga, hot bath, meditation & writing letters! And chocolate truffles are a must

@noshtopia fills a pitcher w/H2O, ice, cucumbers & Yland Ylang oil. Eats mango.

–  @AthleticFoodie watches a movie with a bowl of soup and fresh baked bread.  No chick flicks though!  Gladiator is a fave.

–  @FightFatFoodie is too adhd for a spa scenario.  Cooking is relaxation – which is awesome!

@CoziFamily says Spa at home means all kids are sleeping and I’m reading a book!

For updates on our #spahome tweetchats please register your email in the upper left hand of the blog.

Spa wishes, Candy


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