Amazing Race to the Spa: Champagne

22 Mar

This week the Amazing Racers created new jabs of envy in my soul as they wandered around the Champagne region of France. J’adore champagne and France!

Then I got to thinking, who could use a spa respite more than the racers? After all that detouring and road block challenges – I’m sure they are tuckered out. Phil and the rest of the AR team seem to sense this too as I notice most of the first place prizes include spa vacations.

So for the duration of the season I thought I’d point the weary Amazing Race teams to spas in their AR destinations. Since the Champagne region of France is steeped in Chateaus what better respite than the recently renovated Chateau de Fere? Here the racers can soak their bones in sumptuous spa baths and have a little wine therapy!

Stunning French Provincial Suite

Spa wishes, Candy

PS: Loved the ‘spa gnome” this week with a robe and cucumbers on his eyes – nice job Travelocity!


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