Spa Flick Friday: Your Makeup: Simple Steps to Amazing Looks

20 Mar

For a change of pace, this week’s spa flick is actually the treatment as well.  For those of you new to our Spa Flick Fridays, we usually set you up with a movie, snack & an at home spa treat to do while you (or you and your friends) view!

But this week, our dvd, Your Makeup:  Simple Steps to Amazing Looks brings the power of a personal consultation with three celeb cosmetic artists right to your sofa.  I found this as part of an ongoing search so I can do my own face for special occasions and events.  Plus, I adore makeup, especially eyeshadow, but never seem to finish it – so it feels like I’m doing something wrong.  And being a visual person – thought a dvd may help make me a makeup maven.

Most dvds I found were thinly veiled attempts at marketing products or were too basic.  So I was very pleased when I started watching Your Makeup.  Right from the menu – I knew this would be a thorough course on painting myself up pretty.  Since there’s only one con I’ll state it right away:

The production value is poor.  There are no sumptuous sets or great soundtracks.  What music there is is very cheesy & the models and artists are set against a blue backdrop seated on a stool – sort of like you would see when you do a headshot.  Also, the makeup artists are very matter of fact as they describe what they are doing and answer questions – not a lot of chit chat to set a fun mood.  HOWEVER, the Pros make it all worthwhile:

Chapters that let you select looks by:

1. Skin types rather than a one size fits all approach of other dvds:

Caucasian Light & Medium


African american


2. Then within each skin type there are three full looks:  Night, Party & Day

3.  Or for that extra touch of glam, special techniques:

Glamour Smokey Eyes

Movie Star

Dark Undereyes, Mascara, Cream Shadow, Choosing Concealer & Powder Foundation, False Lashes, Liner, cleaning brushes

Ages 40+

All in all 44 chapters with 3 hours of instruction.  Some other pluses, the models are normal looking women which I really appreciated.  The makeup artists have stellar resumes Karen Kawahara, Joanna Schlip, Lutz Wesemann have worked on the likes of Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman & Gwyneth Paltrow.

I was inspired to try the false lashes right away and though I’ve tried following numerous book how tos – was able to apply them superquick and pretty well doing it along with the dvd.  I’d recommend watching the dvd first, then get out your makeup and play along with the makeup artists.  Here’s a link to the youtube clip of the false lash application.

Spa Wishes, Candy


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