Valentine’s Day Spa Trip Where Would Saint Valentine Spa

14 Feb

According to wikipedia, Saint Valentine refers to twelve martyred Roman saints.  It’s even sketchy as to whether our holiday, celebrates one Saint’s feast or all twelve.  While we can’t pin one down the details of St. V specifically, we know he was at least religious and Roman.  SInce Romans were really into spas – the Romans practically invented the bath & those monk types said that “cleanliness is next to godliness” – we can assume he definitely was into the whole spa experience!

Now that we’ve established these men were “Spa Saints” if any of them were around today, where in Rome would they spa?  If I were a designated love advocate – I would want to go to a retreat with an atmosphere that’s like the church: welcoming, congenial and serene.   Now that I think of it, spas are similar to churches in that hospitality is key.  Well it just happens I have the perfect spa, the Hotel de Russie in Rome.

Located right up the street from the Piazza del Popolo, also known as the People’s Square, Hotel de Russie’s spa better known as the De Russie Wellness Zone strives to be an inviting place for Roman citizens to maintain their health.  So after his spa day, the Saint will have loads of people to counsel only a few minutes away.  Plus there’s lots of PR opps while he spas.

Piazza de Popolo

To begin his day, the Saint can take care of his bodily temple in the De Russie Wellness Zone with his very own personal trainer in a state of the art fitness center.   Plus many of the machines are “robe friendly” such as the treadmill,  After his workout, Saint V can relax in the Saltwater whirlpool bath or sauna.  Though the spa offers Carita based Gentleman’s Day of luxury relaxation & anti-aging treatments, I think the big V would definitely go for the wellness focused treatments for the second half of his day.  For instance:

Repast fit for a Saint at Hotel De Russie's Wellness Zone

A Purifying Facial with essential oils – to up the pious factor of his skin

A Purifying Back Treatment with essential oils – to be sure the devil’s not on his back

A Four Hands Massage to achieve the ultimate in spiritual bliss

Now that Saint Valentine is all spaahed up – I think a lot more matches will be made this Valentine’s Day.

See you at the spa, Candy


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