The Couple that Spas Together Stays Together

12 Feb

Though spa is often thought of as a solitary endeavor, it is also one that can be shared with loved ones.  In fact,  spaahing is a healthy way to spend some bonding time together away from the stress of daily life.  And with Valentine’s Day upon us – who better to spend a day at the spa with than your sweetheart?

So if you haven’t planned your Valentine’s Day outing yet, there’s still time.  Call your local day & hotel spas and see if they can take a dual appointment.  Discover Spas has an incredible guide to romantic spas too.  Many spas have dual treatment rooms that can accommodate couples so you can bliss out beside each other.

If you’re really lucky you may have a spa devoted to only couples nearby.  For instance, La Petite Retreat Day Spa in Los Angeles.

Typically, “the” couples treatment is a massage.   But why stop there?

Some other ideas for side by side treatments are:

– Manicures (men don’t worry you don’t have to have polish)

– Baths – mud, champagne or otherwise inspire happiness

– Couples or partner yoga class – really get closer

Romantic Recession-Proof Spashionista.  If you can’t get to the spa consider some at home DIY versions:

– Give your guy a manicure or here’s how to plan an entire spa night at home.

– Have a real bubbly bath with your sweetie by pouring champagne into the tub.  Set the scene with candles, music, snacks and cocktails

– Set up side by side yoga mats and try poses from the book Lovers Yoga

Happy Valentine’s Day and See You at the Spa, Candy


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