Spa Flick Friday Couple’s Retreat

12 Feb

Caveat: If you’re trying to convince your guy or gal to go on a spa trip, this may not be the film to watch with them!

Considering our last article was about couples spending time together at a spa – it seems fitting or ironic (not sure which?) that I had selected Couple’s Retreat as this week’s Spa Flick.

The Flick: Couple’s Retreat is a crazy screwball comedy about a bunch of friends who decide to get away —- but have no idea what “adventures” the resort has in store for them. It’s one of those guilty pleasure movies that many won’t admit to liking & was hugely panned by critics. Forget them, be your own judge.

The Nosh: It’s your own island mirage – ignore the snow & have Pina Coladas, grilled pineapple & bbq chicken!

The SpaTreat: Make your own “hot coals” to warm and massage your feet. Heat smooth stones in a bowl of hot water or crock pot. Place on a towel on the floor and place your feet on the stones – you can even grab the stones with your toes to exercise those tootsies.

See you at the Spa, Candy


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