SpaCandy Warmrails Towel Warmers

10 Feb

Considering last night was supposedly the coldest of the year, I thought you may need a little warming up!  One of my essentials for hot (literally) digs is a towel warmer.

A hotel encounter set me off on my search for one of these pampering devices and me being me, I had to find the perfect one.

Warmrails the Ultimate in Towel Warming

Towel warmers come in many sizes, shapes and brands, but I thought how could there be a BAD towel warmer?  So when I spotted a warmer at Frontgate I was psyched.  But the bars were so large and far apart that my towels only were warmed in spots.  I thought this was the way it had to be . . . but than I found. . . tada

The perfect warmer brand Warmrails 

Warmrails takes toasting your towels seriously.  They heat up quickly, evenly warm the towel so there are no hot spots and come in many varieties for all types of spaces.  My favorite model is the flat plate where instead of bars there are two large solid plates of metal that really heat the towel all over.

How to pick your perfect warmer:

A smaller warmer great for the space challenged

– Know your space – will freestanding, wall mounted or shelf style fit best?

– Do you want bars or a flat plate?  Bars will hold more items, flat plate is going to heat better all over

– What color fits your decor

– How many watts does it use – we don’t want to overload those circuits

Spa Tip – Perk up your pajamas and bedding too.  Put one in your bedroom and hang your sheets and pj’s on it – talk about a sinfully decadent sleeptime.

PS:  Amazon is having a limited time sale of 30% off of their warmers – check it out in our Spa Maison store

See you at the Spa, Candy


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