SpaCandy: Stylish Chocolate-Covered Valentine’s Day

9 Feb

So you’re running out to score some Valentine’s chocolate for your sweetheart? It’s a traditional gift, but also one that can scream last minute drugstore run. Chocolate as a present can also backfire on you if your sweetheart is on a diet – sabotage! How to avoid both?

1. Learn how to buy chocolate that is healthy. Look for lower sugar content below 9 grams; over 70% cocoa content and keep it simple – solid chocolate. Avoid the filled bonbons at all costs. New Tree even makes solid bars with herbal infusions. You can read more about buying high quality gourmet chocolate.

Some fave brands  New Tree,   Vosges, Lindt, & Godiva Dark.

2. Presentation presentation presentation. Don’t just buy some bars of chocolate or heart shaped chocolates and hand them over. Buy a heart shaped container and put smaller solid chocolates inside. A champagne glass filled with chocolates & accompanied by a bottle of champagne is a real eyecatcher.

My favorite thing to do is to buy several bars of chocolate and wrap each in plain paper. Do a theme like “A week of Love” would be 7 bars of chocolate each with a label on the front for each day of the week. Or how about a “How do I love thee” set – each bar has a card with something that drives you crazy re your sweetie.

Another idea is buy a square vase that’s similar to the width of the chocolate bars (like hershey bar sized) and stand the chocolate up in the vase on it’s small end – tie a ribbon around the vase – looks almost too pretty to eat!

Happy Valentine’s Day and see you at the spa, Candy


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