Superbowl Spa His Point of View

8 Feb

As attested to in this article on, football is a dangerous sport.

Whether your team won or lost the BIG game one thing is certain, the players are going to be sore! And this Apres Superbowl Monday has me thinking how some spa time would be, well super, for these footballers. Think these men are too macho for spa? Since most teams have physical therapists and massage therapists on staff I doubt it.

Here’s my prescription for an NFL Player’s Post SuperBowl Spa Day:

Second String Steam – start off with a long relax in the sauna or steamroom to loosen up those muscles

Field-Goal Yoga class to lengthen all those crunched up muscles and tendons

Tackle that Body Scrub – to get the dirt out of those pores

Touchdown Deep Tissue Sports Massage – to release the rest of the toxins & stress of the big game

Punter’s Pedicure – focusing on acupressure on those feet and ankles to get all limbered up for next season

Wide Receiver Man-icure – Glycolic acid with extra exfoliating to get rid of those football catching induced callouses

Anyone know any NFL execs? Feel free to pass along my recommendations. . . have other ideas for football spa treats ….let’s hear them below in the comments.

See you at the spa, Candy


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