Spa Flick Friday The Road to Wellville

5 Feb

Get out your cereal bowls, this weeks SpaFlick gives new meaning to the word bowl of frosted “flakes”!  The Road to Wellville is the real life story of Corn Flakes inventor Dr. John Harvey Kellogg – played brilliantly by Anthony Hopkins.

A vivacious romp at Dr. Kellogg’s spa, who was an eccentric health nut in the early 20th century. Convinced of the benefits of holistic health practices (mostly involving irrigation of the bowels and colon), Kellogg opens a spa in Battle Creek, Michigan where the well to do come to rejuvenate themselves.   Including a young couple with sexual problems & a lot of people with more money than sense.

Though this spoof contains a lot of “toilet” humor we’ll call it due to Kellogg’s focus on bowels. . . but it definitely is meant to be in good fun and bears only a slight resemblance to some of the early health retreats that were the forefathers to the modern spa world.  Actually, some of Dr. Kellogg’s theories were spot on. Though this film is definitely “spa” gone wild!

See you at the Spa, Candy


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