SpaLifeLibrary: Simplify Your Time book review

1 Feb

You may find it a bit odd for a spa site to be reviewing a book on time management.  But it makes complete sense.  If you lived at a spa, would you be constantly adding things and to dos to your day?  Overstimulated on every front?  What’s that you say?  You think a spa vacation entails doing nothing all day so it’s irrelevant to reality?

Wrong on both counts – spa weeks taught me a lot about how focus and determined action enhance my state of mind.  My philosophy is this – if you plan a week at a luxurious spa, you want to make the most out of it.  You’ll probably have a goal in mind too, lose weight, decompress, bond with your friends.

The difference is when you go on a spa vacation, you have a clean slate. . . no housework, job, stores.  Instead, you’re given a limited array or high quality activities & beauty/wellness treatments.   HINT: The best spas have guides to help you choose and plan your day to reach your goals.

But, the problem is once you leave the spa, you’ve got a whole world literally of things you could do, buy, eat, etc.  Well, think of Marcia Ramsland, author of Simplify Your Time as your Spa Life Guide.  She advocates that to live a less stressed & more accomplished life you limit your choices, know your goals & choose accordingly – sound familiar?

I discovered Simplify Your Time in my annual pilgrimage through the organization aisle at the local bookstore in my quest to get myself together.  Even a spa gal has trouble getting everything done.  It seems I am always on the run with a million things to do.

What drew me to this book in particular, was simplify.  Many other time management books are just ways to add MORE to dos with tricks to get more done. But simplify is becoming a key theme for me.  After my recent 6 month trip to California – where I lived out of 2 (albeit very large) suitcases I realized that I was getting by with so little and life was so much easier with fewer choices.   So i am more adamant than ever about cleaning out not just physical but mental clutter.

Simplify Your Time makes the process actually fun.  It’s divided by the four trouble areas that mess with our lives:  Simplifying – Your Time, Your Future Goals, Your Daily Life & Your Lifestyle. Some of the more useful tips I found:

– Plan your day in reverse, focusing on the good feeling at the end of the day and what you did to get here.


1. Email   2. Driving   3. Working Late  4. tv     5. Shopping

– Schedule an hour of time for yourself each week – actually write it in your planner.  (Plus, Marcia incorporates Spa TIme as rewards – any organization guru that sees the benefit of spa time has my attention!)

– Do the 3 most important things on your to do list first

*  One thing I did as a result of this book, was employ a grocery delivery service.  In the long run, this will save me time at the store & money from no impulse purchases.

So if getting organized is one of your Resolutions – check this book out, it’s a quick read. It may even help you get more spa time in.

See You at the Spa, Candy

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