The Spa Grammys – Best Spa Music Awards

31 Jan

With the Grammys upon us, I began to think, always a dangerous thing, about spa music.  By spa music, I don’t mean just tunes the massage therapist plays to relax you or the background music at a spa.  While these are technically spa music, I have my own interpretation.

My rendition is music that affects you in a positive and purposeful manner – even if its just ambient.  And an essential part of my spa living strategy is to always have positive sounds surrounding me.  So as you can imagine, I’m constantly seeking out music to do the job.

Right now for instance, I have Mozart for Your Modem, one of the Phillips Music for Your Life cds playing in the background.   This series is based on the tenants of the impact of classical music on your thinking.  Loved the series, it’s been discontinued (always the way)  now so you can find the cds for $1.99 and up if you look around.  Mozart for your Modem is meant to keep you engaged while working at the computer.

It’s interesting because music is one of those intangibles that work synergistically to create that total wellness and happiness vibe you get at a spa & thus important to our daily lives too.  If I forget to put music on, I don’t really miss it, but when I play it I feel a difference.

There is a place for massage music and water sounds – but if you need energy to work out don’t put it on.  Instead listen to a high energy dance song.  Spa music does not mean blah music.

So, I think there should be categories at the Grammys for Spa Music – I would have two awards:

Best Artist  The person/group whose music as a whole personifies the “Spirit of Spa” in general & never fails to meet our missive

NOTE  Listening Samples take you to where you can listen then hit your back browser key to return here.



Lemongrass is a German jazz drummer who is puts sound together like a jigsaw puzzle.  He  crafts unique melodies by fusing dissimilar music incorporating a strong unifying beat.  Each of his CD’s are  based on themes from our everyday lives.  He also includes vocals.  If I had to classify it I would call it Asian/French/Jazz Fusion.   His work has been called time travel on a CD. Some of my favorites:

Spa Sessions Lounging

Beach Affairs


Listening Sample:    Sailing  via Lemongrass – Sailing gr8fl

Hennie Bekker

Hennie is a South African composer who is obsessed with manipulating beats to create peaceful and relaxation responses in his listeners.  I call it edgy tranquil.  His pieces are purely instrumental and he goes with a topic and creates several CD’s surrounding that topic.  His work inculdes:

Exotic Spa

African Tapestries

Tranquility Series

Listening Sample:   via The Ebb & the Flow, Hennie Bekker..

Best Album  The one CD that transports us the best to the spa without leaving the comfort of our home


Hotel Chill – Compilations

Now there are 3 Hotel Chill CD’s 2 regular and one with a Caribbean theme but I really love these – I probably listen to it at least 3 times a week while I’m working.  They are beat driven songs many with vocals that keep my energy up for sustained periods without distracting.  Some of the songs are renditions of popular tunes chilled.  There’s also a wide variety of tunes so it’s not too hypnotic.  Fave tunes include:  Samba 1,000 and Ballet Lane

Listening Sample  via Ursula 1000 – Samba 1000 ( Nicola Conte Mix ).

Le Spa Sonique – Jens Gad

This blend of soul searching and lounge lizard aka Rat Pack is one of the more energetic spa music cds I own.  I tend to listen to it when I’m doing rote work and need more motivation.  It’s defintely more electronica than the others – almost like you’re in a spa nightclub.  Song picks:  Silver Sands & Glass Palace.

Listening Sample   via silver sands.


Check out the CDs/Nominees in more detail by clicking on CD links.  VOTE for the winners below  – Write ins welcome.  *****I’ll be featuring music from these in our #DailySpaTweets this week too.

Oh yes, myself and Deepak Chopra should present the award!  Guess I better go gown shopping (wink)    What’s your favorite spa music?  Who’s the composer?  When do you listen to it?  Would you choose who I did?  Comment away. . . . .

See you at the Spa (& the Grammys), Candy


9 Responses to “The Spa Grammys – Best Spa Music Awards”

  1. Spa Music February 5, 2010 at 6:59 am #

    I think it’s a very useful topics and helpful to all other people. Please visit this site

  2. Jeff Halmos May 5, 2010 at 2:05 am #

    Lounge, sometime called chill (downbeat is another term, but it’s generally far more sophisticated and often a bit annoying) is the category that will give you the greatest joy of all the modern electronic instrumental genres. You just have to look out for the ones they all sneak in that have vocals, which just wrecks the vibe every time. Look for anything, really, anything (sans the stuff with vocals), by Jens Buchert, as well as his spa stuff which he does under the pseudonym Dakini Mandarava. Also look for: Blank & Jones’ Relax series (their electro stuff is lame); Akmusique; Alex Cortiz (not unlike Buchert); Cantoma (world style lounge); Kopaz (world again); Soul Ballet (closer to smooth jazz, but absolutely the best of the breed); and finally, Sonic Boutique, which has a sophistication and joy to it that may make it outlast the aforementioned.

  3. Thornhill Spa December 25, 2010 at 2:25 am #

    wow that’s an interesting music collection. I think I’ll play some of it from now on…

    • artofthespa January 7, 2011 at 9:45 pm #

      Let me know what your clients think, would love to know ; ) Candy

      • Ivana December 20, 2012 at 10:22 pm #

        Wow thank you for that colletion:)
        I looking to change the music in My spa treatment rooms.any suggestions on intelegent electronic music?what do you think of aphex twin ambient mix and simalar deep mind altering music?

  4. Nashrin October 9, 2011 at 7:25 pm #

    So what spa music made it to the top 3 spots?

    • artofthespa October 16, 2011 at 12:46 am #

      Lemongrass and Le Spa Sonique were the top picks Nashrin ; )


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